Smart TVs: Everything you need to know through 10 questions and answers

Do you remember the time when smartphones went from being a luxury for the few to being the expected mobile choice for more or less everyone? Exactly the same is now happening with them Smart TVwhich in recent years became clearly more affordable, acquired even more attractive features and introduced us to the world of… home 4K.

Do you feel it’s time to get to know them better? Time to answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions about smart TVs.

Smart TV Samsung LED 4K UHD UE43AU7172 HDR 43″, €368.64.

What makes a smart TV smart?

Essentially, what separates your Smart TV from previous generation TVs is its ability to connect directly to the internet and integrate an operating system that gives you access to content found on the internet – such as that of streaming platforms – without the need for additional Appliances.

Smart TV LG 55UP75003LF LED 4K UHD HDR 55″, €410.

How does a TV work?

There are no divisions based on intelligence here: your TV, after receiving the signal broadcast by the television stations or “reading” the files you feed it, converts them into image and sound and projects them through the screen. Even the most detailed image essentially results from changes in the distribution of brightness on the panel, which happens so quickly that you cannot perceive it.

Smart TV Samsung QLED 4K UHD QE50Q60A HDR 50″, €454.23.

Does it matter where you buy a Smart TV?

Yes, obviously. The model that will find its place in your living room may ultimately be the same, but parameters such as price and service differ significantly from place to place. Online shopping is consistently the cheapest solution, since in addition to the already reduced prices, on large platforms such as you will also find state-of-the-art televisions at great deals, even outside of sale periods. Especially now that delivery delays are a thing of the past with ensuring that whatever you order will arrive immediately at your door, wherever you are in Greece, there are no disadvantages to shopping via computer or mobile telephone.

The best; Using the innovative service SHOPFLIX WITH MIA, you have the opportunity to receive your entire order at the same time, even if you have shopped from different stores within the marketplace, so you can always choose the best price, avoiding the wait. So, you will be sure that your TV will arrive on the same day as the base her or with your new one consoleto enjoy your purchases to the maximum.

Smart TV LG 65UP81003LR 65″ LED 4K UHD HDR, €552.

LED, QLED, OLED: What are they and how do they differ?

These are the most common types of smart TV panels, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. At LED TVs, the light on your screen comes from high-brightness LEDs, which illuminate the pixels creating the right color combinations to render each content. They are distinguished in Direct LED (the lamps are placed behind the screen in its entire range), Full Array (they follow the same logic as Direct LEDs but with a higher density of lamps) and Edge LED (the lamps are located at the edges, resulting in more economical , thinner and lighter models).

In the case of OLED TVs, each pixel lights up on its own. This results in higher cost and lower brightness, but also the best possible contrast performance. The biggest difference is visible in the color black, since each pixel can be turned off completely, giving you flawless contrast. On ordinary LED TVs, the light from nearby lamps will inevitably affect the darkest parts, although the effect is improved thanks to technologies such as HDR.

Finally, the QLED TVs they work like LEDs, but they use the so-called “quantum dot filter”, through which they achieve the largest range and the most realistic color rendering. They suffer slightly in terms of contrasts compared to OLEDs, but at the same time they have greater brightness.

Choose the TV that suits you.

Philips Smart TV 55OLED706 4K UHD OLED HDR 2021 55″, €939.

What does 4K mean?

You already know that it refers to the resolution of your TV, which in turn translates to the number of pixels that make up the image. A 4K TV has 3,840 horizontal and 2,160 vertical pixels (that’s a total of around 8.3 million pixels). The “K” comes from the word “kilo” and refers to the approximately 4,000 pixels of horizontal resolution. In practice, 4K or UHD TVs have about four times the resolution of traditional Full HD TVs. The difference might not matter to you on a smaller screen like your PC, but trust us: when you’re looking at a 65-inch Smart TV and above, your “UHD” label is absolutely essential, so you don’t watch content with… grainy .

Smart TV Sony OLED 4K UHD XR-55A80J HDR 55″, €1,329.

What is the right TV size?

For a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience, ideally you want the screen to occupy 40 degrees of your field of vision. It sounds complicated, but it’s not: to calculate the correct size-to-distance ratio for a 4K TV, multiply its inches by 1.2, then convert to centimeters. The result is the right distance of the Smart TV from your couch. For example, a 75-inch TV should be placed at least 2.3 meters away.

In addition to the diagonal of the screen, when choosing your new TV pay attention to its actual size, along with the frame, however small it may be. And if you intend to place it on a TV stand, take into account whether it has a central support or two legs at the ends. In the second case, the piece of furniture should be longer than your TV.

Smart TV TCL 50P725 Direct LED 4K Ultra HD HDR 50″, €357.

Are curved TVs worth it?

It depends, we’ll tell you, it depends. The big advantages of curved screens are twofold: they reduce annoying reflections, while also bringing all the pixels the same distance from your eye, resulting in a better, more natural viewing experience – however strange it may seem when you see their unusual shape. But to give their best, they should be satisfying in size and not intended for many viewers. Their shape gets in the way of comfortable viewing at an angle.

TV LG Smart LED 4K UHD 43NANO753PR HDR 43″, €385.

Will my Smart TV update?

Yes, if she’s good. Your TV is practically a computer, regardless of the fact that it is intended for specific uses. Just as it happens with your smartphones, manufacturers create updates at regular intervals that fix bugs or upgrade the performance and operation of their devices. This is one of the reasons why TCL is among the value for money options: unlike other brands that produce budget models, the Chinese company provides the necessary updates as and when necessary.

You will be happy to know that in the vast majority of cases and regardless of the brand, TVs usually do their updates automatically, late at night.

Samsung UE65AU7172 Smart 4K UltraHD 65″ TV, €589.

Can my Smart TV get ‘stuck’ like my PC?

Yes and no. That is, it can, but it is not the most common phenomenon, as technology evolves with constant improvements in new models. As a rule, if your screen “freezes”, it is enough to turn the TV on and off a few times to solve the problem.

TV TCL 55P610 HDR 55″ 106195 4K Ultra HD Edge LED Dolby Digital Plus, €448.

Does Smart TV mean high resolution?

Not necessarily… but ultimately yes. In theory, a low resolution TV could have smart features. In practice, though, manufacturers started adding these kinds of features first to their high-end models, so to this day they usually go together. As both 4K resolution and smart features become more and more affordable and in demand, it’s almost a given that your Smart TV will have high resolution and, conversely, that a search for UHD TV will bring you in front of “smart” models.

Find the ideal Smart TV.

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