Theft of catalysts: The price of their metals more expensive than… gold -…

It has turned into a scourge theft of car catalystswhich the spirals remove, without anyone getting word of them.

Recently, a coordinated operation by the Police in Menidi arrested 12 people who were active in gangs stealing catalysts throughout Attica. It’s about gangs that had given car owners a big headache.

Armored police officers raided homes and businesses in Western Attica and carried out investigations finding, among other things, stolen goods.

One of the victims speaks to the Star, describing his adventure: “I went to park my car and it made a very loud soundI realized there is a problem. I see a cut bumper, a level they had cut it off, and all the parts, the catalytic converter and the exhaust were missing from the car. The sound was very loud, I had never heard it before… I was scared.”

The 12 members of the spiral that the Greek Police succeeded and dismantled when they lifted the cars with their hands and when they were lying underneath to cut the catalyst with the special tools found by the police officers of the Northeastern Attica Security sub-directorate at their impoundment in Zefyri.

In telephone communication with one more person who fell victim of that particular gang, he told the Star: “The police told me it’s a common occurrenceEspecially for type smart cars as was mine. I was told that it is a spiral and that lately there are many cars that they steal them the same way“.


The price of metals in catalysts more expensive than… gold!

The precious metals contained in the catalysts reach or exceed the price of gold. Specifically:

an ounce of gold is worth $1675

an ounce of platinum $900

an ounce of palladium $2,200

and one ounce of rhodium reaches 14,200 dollars.

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