How to pay less electricity – 23 energy saving tips

How to pay less electricity – 23 energy saving tips
How to pay less electricity – 23 energy saving tips

The Ministry of Environment and Energy gives advice on saving energy ahead of the start of the heating season

The Ministry of Environment and Energy recommends, among other things, good insulation of the heated spaces, setting the thermostat to the appropriate temperature, installing thermostatic valves in the radiators, maintenance of the facilities.

Detailed recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

1) Isolation of unused spaces

We close heating bodies and internal doors (if any) leading to corridors or near stairs. Thus, we close the natural air passages, preventing the warm air from escaping through the house.

2) Free radiators

The radiators must not be covered, e.g. with covers, or to obstruct their performance by furniture.

3) We seal doors and windows

We install insulating tapes or curtains. According to studies (DOE), when drawn, curtains can reduce heat loss from a hot room by up to 10%. We can also put films on windows and balcony doors or only in rooms we don’t use.

4) We check the insulating rubber on the doors of refrigerators, freezers and ovens, so that it makes good contact and there is no loss of energy (loss of cooling).

5) We limit the time we leave the refrigerator door open

In this way, we minimize the temperature recovery time (loss of cooling, radiator light) with the consequence that the consumption from the operation of the motor is reduced.

6) Adjust the thermostat

– The cooling system of refrigerators and freezers at a higher temperature.

– The water heater at lower temperatures.

– The air conditioning (if we leave it on) during the hours of our absence from home at a lower temperature. Also during sleep we can reduce the temperature up to 2 degrees.

7) Placing household appliances (e.g. refrigerator, freezer and clothes dryer) away from heating sources.

8) We wash our clothes in the washing machine at a low temperature.

9) Close devices when in standby mode (stand-by).

10) When we are not using the fireplace, the chimney must be closed by its shutter.

11) We close our oven 10 – 15 minutes before the end of cookingas the heat that exists is sufficient to prepare our food.

12) Cookware must fit well in the kitchen.

13) Whenever possible when cooking we use a pressure cooker.

14) We lower the brightness as much as we can on the devices with a screen (eg PCs, TVs).

15) Installation of a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows different temperatures to be preset for different times of the day. A programmable thermostat saves money on both air conditioning and heat.

16) Installation of thermostatic valves on radiators

They allow the automatic adjustment of the flow of hot water according to the desired temperature of each room separately. They are placed locally on each radiator individually and they progressively regulate the flow of hot water. Thus each heating body becomes independent and is automatically isolated when the desired temperature is reached, while the rest of the spaces that need heating continue to operate

17) Installation of compensation system in the boiler

18) Heating/cooling system maintenance, e.g. boiler, heat pumps, air conditioners

19) Installation of a solar water heater

20) Replacing appliances with high energy efficiency appliances based on the energy labeling framework and EnergyStar specifications.

21) Replacement of light bulbs with led technology.

22) Replacement of the existing frames with new heat-insulating – energy-efficient ones.

23) Installation of an energy management system

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