Today the critical test of NASA’s new super rocket

Today the critical test of NASA’s new super rocket
Today the critical test of NASA’s new super rocket

NASA officials will today (09/21) test a new way of powering its new super rocket (SLS)to prevent any leaks that canceled the previous launch attempt, although they are not sure what caused that leak.

The test is scheduled to start around 7 am. (local time) today, Wednesday, September 21, and will conclude around 3 p.m. if all goes according to plan.

NASA first attempted to launch its new SLS super rocket on August 29, but weather conditions, a faulty valve and a problem with one of the rocket’s engines led the space agency to cancel the launch.

THE second launch attempt on September 3 also canceled after repeated attempts by technicians to fix one cold liquid hydrogen leak which is piped into the vehicle’s fuel tanks. Since then, NASA has replaced the seals at the interface and changed the cryogenic fuel loading procedures. With today’s test, NASA scientists want to see if these changes will be enough to fix the leaks before the next launch attempt.

If all goes well, the US space agency will try to launch the rocket on September 27with a reserve date of October 2.

Artemis I is the first mission of the Artemis lunar program and the first unmanned test flight of SLS and the Orion capsule under conditions similar to those experienced by astronauts when traveling to the Moon. SLS will send the Orion capsule into orbit around the Moon on a mission that will last more than a month.

If Artemis I is successful, it will follow Artemis II the 2024, where four NASA astronauts will fly around the Moon and return to Earth. The Artemis IIIwhich is scheduled for 2025will send two astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972.

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