“I dwell on what we could do better”

“I dwell on what we could do better”
“I dwell on what we could do better”

THE Anastasis Roiloswho became famous in the role of “Nikiphoros” in the series “Wild Bees» gave an interview to Marie Claire and spoke, among other things, about the success of the popular series.

In addition, the actor was mentioned both in the ERT series “Fire and Wind“, in which he plays Dimitris Horn, as well as in the new series entitled “Witch» which will premiere in the winter.

Anastasis Roilos speaking about the three seasons of “Wild Bees” said: “The series gave us a lot, I put first – and together – the love of the world and that we became a family with my colleagues, I experienced something very nice. Ultimately, though, I stick to what we could do better. That’s the only way you get to the next job. I hope we set ourselves high standards and succeed in making domestic production, or at least part of it, competitive in foreign markets. In other words, to manage to make stories that concern other audiences besides the Greek one”.

In addition, the actor spoke about the ERT series “Fire and Wind”, in which he plays him Dimitris Horn: “I adored him. Reading about him, I met a bon viveur, a bourgeois, but also one devoted to his art, an unsatisfied, a terribly charming man, an air. There are two types of actors, the star system ones, who bring the roles to their feet, and the actresses like Meryl Streep, who are different in every role. He was a star system, but in an amazingly unique way. He was a man that everyone wanted, while he was far from the image of the “bunch”. We’re talking about a very special kind of person, we’re talking about a guy that Edith Piaf fell in love with. I fell in love with him too, as you can see».

Finally, Anastasis Roilos mentioned the series “Magissa”, which comes in the winter on ANT1 and which was created by the scriptwriters of “Wild Bees”: “TheWhen we spoke with Lefteris Haritos, he said to me: “Now you would make a completely different person from Nikiforos”».

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