The suspect in the murder of a 68-year-old man in the village of Ilia

The suspect in the murder of a 68-year-old man in the village of Ilia
The suspect in the murder of a 68-year-old man in the village of Ilia

With out of breath watched by the inhabitants of her village Ilias the developments surrounding the brutal crime that was revealed yesterday, with a 68-year-old victim, who was beaten to death in the head inside the house where he lived with his brother.

According to information, one of the witnesses examined allegedly contradicted himself and misled the police, which makes him a suspect…
The unfortunate man was spotted by his brother shortly after 10 o’clock on Monday night in a pool of blood in the house where they lived, behind the family olive mill in Ephyra Ilia.

He immediately notified the Police and from that time investigations began to establish what had happened. The coroner Andreas Gotsis who made her an autopsy determined that this was a criminal act, since the victim has a deep wound on the head from five violent blows with an object that was not found in the house. No signs of a struggle were found, apparently the killer surprised his victim, who didn’t have time to react… The deep blow to the head was also fatal.

The police received statements from the two brothers of the victim, as well as from relatives and friends. Shortly before giving a statement to the Police, one of the brothers stated: “I didn’t know anything. I was at an event in Amaliada and I found out today (s.s.: yesterday) in the morning when I was getting ready to go to a funeral. I found out by accident. The former mayor of Amaliada took me. I am shocked. My brother Babis had also hosted me in Sweden where I had gone to study. She was a soul, never mind ant. Everyone “ate” from Babis… He lived here for about 20 years”.

It is worth noting that the unfortunate 68-year-old, who lived for years in Sweden, he had returned to his birthplace and was living in the house behind his one brother’s mill. As one of his cousins ​​stated, the brothers were loved and had no friction with each other or with other persons.

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