Chania: The call of Kostas Gyparis for a better Apokoronas

Chania: The call of Kostas Gyparis for a better Apokoronas
Chania: The call of Kostas Gyparis for a better Apokoronas

Thank you very much for responding to my invitation and being here today,
Before we talk about Apokoronas, which is the purpose of our meeting, I would like to
to start by saying a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported me and
they have supported me all these years in my path in the commons of the place. In the family
to me first of all, to my friends, colleagues and all those who have honored me
with their trust and vote in my course so far.
I want to talk about my special homeland, Apokoronas, the place that gave birth to me
and brought me up and that I hurt and love more.
As an active local citizen with extensive self-governing experience but also as a human being
of tradition and company through my daily contact with the locals
in the joys and in the difficulties, I see and live up close the everyday life and the
problems that concern us.
I constantly encounter the anxiety and reflection of our people, younger and older
larger ones, for small and large issues, which remain unresolved and pending
which are perpetuated.
There is a widespread perception that the place is not showing its best self and the management
which is done is far below our capabilities.
People who struggle on the land, in animal husbandry, in tourism.
Families who love their village and want their children to stay there
New couples who wish to take root and create.
Many difficulties.
We must support them and enable the place to flourish, and
therefore all the conditions are there.
Our own Apokoronas, beyond its unparalleled natural beauty and greatness
of its people, has a huge cultural load of history, culture, music,
gastronomy, architecture and lifestyle which is the greatest intangible heritage
us as important as the earth.
After all, the place, the people and the way of living are interrelated concepts.
These are our big guns for the next day.
A great wealth that is a guarantee of development and prosperity,
that can keep our villages standing and our children in our place.
We can certainly do better and more.

Beyond management weaknesses in solving the accumulated problems
the absence of a vision and a proposal for the future which is also the is evident
more important issue.
In a rapidly changing world the great challenge is to create
development perspective and at the same time to highlight and protect with
respect our place, history and culture.
Friends, men and women of Apokoronio,
After a long course in the self-governing and political life of the place, with respect
in the family tradition and values ​​that I have been serving all these years, I feel
the need to offer as I can to the fatherland.
Armed with my long experience, the essential knowledge of the subjects, but also of him
way that public administration and self-government work, and above all the honest one
mood for work and cooperation.
I declare my presence in the Municipality of Apokoronou and invite all those who believe that
we can and deserve better and more to come and talk.
Honest, sincere and from scratch.
Primarily to discuss our problems, ideas and opinions, to testify
each one his knowledge, his experience and his suggestions and to join in
a new effort and a new dynamic, clean, start.
We wish to build a new self-governing faction by discussing with them
people… along with our people.
A move that aims to manage everyday life in the best way and
the problems of today, but also to envision the Apokoron of tomorrow for her
next generation.
With trust in our people, in the new generation but also in the elders.
Our proposals, program and name will emerge from this discussion which
is happening and will evolve in the coming months.
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. We do not accuse and have no intention
to argue with anyone. We are not interested in barren and useless petty politics
and parapolitical controversies and conflicts that plagued our country and
we have to leave behind.
We look straight ahead with clear eyes dedicated to the only goal which is
progress of the place.
All of our political beliefs and my judgments are known and respected.

However, our initiative must go beyond the political confrontation and be
clearly supra-partisan.
Our goal is to activate the dynamic and healthy forces of the place without
prejudices, political or otherwise, without exclusions and factors.
Anyone who can and wishes to contribute is welcome from wherever
comes from.
We make a special appeal to the new generation who must participate with dynamism and
vision that combined with the experience of the elders can make a difference.
All together with strength and confidence.
The one year that separates us from the municipal elections is enough.
It can and should prove valuable for us to rethink, synthesize and
to co-envision the Apokoronas we want.
We believe that this is the only way it can be done.
Together we can do much better!
Apokoronas wants and we can!
Love and concern for our country unites us!
Nothing should separate us!
We look forward with optimism and faith!

Regional Councilor of Chania
Former MP of Chania
Former Deputy Regional Governor of Crete
Former Deputy Prefect of Chania

The article is in Greek

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