Cyprus: Murder of a National Guard – Final letter to the Legal Service for the finding

Cyprus: Murder of a National Guard – Final letter to the Legal Service for the finding
Cyprus: Murder of a National Guard – Final letter to the Legal Service for the finding

Cyprus – All the news: Final letter to the Legal Service in order to deliver the report on the death of Thanasis Nikolaou to the family of the deceased national guard. Loukis Loukaidis, lawyer for his relatives, yesterday sent a new letter to the Attorney General, George Savvidis.

It calls on him, on the basis of jurisprudence, to deliver a copy of the conclusion of the criminal investigators Savvas Matsa and Antonis Alexopoulos, within the next 10 days. It warns, in fact, that legal measures will be taken in the event that the said request is not met.

The subject of the letter is “Failure to deliver the Finding to the family of the murdered Thanasis Nikolaou”. Reference is then made to the fact that the Attorney General did not respond to the family’s repeated requests: “I already sent you two letters asking you to grant me the Conclusion of the Investigators on the case of the murdered Thanasis Nikolaou. I have also indicated your legal obligation based on the decisions of the Human Rights Court. Despite this, I did not receive the imposed answer”. The following is a quote from more recent jurisprudence (European Convention on Human Rights).

The letter, signed by Mr. Loukaidis, concludes as follows: “On behalf of the relatives, I am asking you for the last time to deliver me a copy of the Finding within the next 10 days. Otherwise, we will be obliged to take the necessary measures to secure the Conclusion, which should have already been received by the murdered man’s family”.

The first letter

Yesterday’s is the second letter from the lawyer of the family of Thanasis Nikolaou in the last four days. It was preceded by another sent on Friday 16/9, a day after the criminal investigators’ voluminous report was delivered to the Attorney General. In it, Mr. Loukaidis expresses his surprise because as he notes “I or the victim’s mother were not given a copy of the findings of the investigators who reviewed the previous flawed interrogation (as ruled by the ECtHR)”. He adds that “this omission is contrary to the jurisprudence of this Court”.

It should be noted that yesterday the mother of Thanasis, Andriana Nikolaou, gave an interview to the expatriate newspaper in Australia, “Neos Kosmos”.

It is recalled that the opinion of Savva Matsa and Antonis Alexopoulos was delivered last Thursday (15/9) to the Legal Service. The death of Thanasis Nikolaou on 29/9/2005 is attributed by the independent criminal investigators to strangulation.

Criminal charges also arise for three former members of the Limassol Police Department who were involved in the investigations into the death of Thanasis and a medical examiner. In the conclusion there is a reference to three persons possibly related to the murder of the then 26-year-old national guard. It is clarified that no evidence was found for the aforementioned persons, but there are suspicions.


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