An accident will bring them all face to face with a big surprise

An accident will bring them all face to face with a big surprise
An accident will bring them all face to face with a big surprise

Life is full of surprises and the unexpected. Sometimes, however, some… entanglements bring things up and down, to the extent that the situation escapes our control. This also happens in “Who Papadopoulos?”

The new comedy series of ANT1 premieres tonight at 21:00 and, through a forced cohabitation, it will change the balance, but also the lifestyle of two families, creating incredible situations.

Sixteen years ago. One rainy evening, two couples, Yannis and Peristera and Aristos and Melina, become parents in the same maternity hospital. Little do they know, however, that a blackout, a broken stroller and their common last name, Papadopoulos, will unite them. Today, sixteen years later, Aristos and Melina live a lavish life in a luxurious villa with their son Alexandros. Giannis and Peristera on the other hand, live together with their son Thanos, but also Giannis’ father, Thanasis, in a poor detached house struggling to make ends meet with a loan they owe, the foreclosures that are after them and only fixed income the grandfather’s pension. An accident involving a cleaver and a severed finger will bring them all in for a big surprise…

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Scenario: Vassilis Risvas – Dimitra Sakali

Directed by: Vassilis Myrianthopoulos

Starring: Marianna Toumasatou, Krateros Katsoulis, Eleni Ouzounidou, Yannis Dracopoulos, Marilou Katsafadou, Mariella Savvidou, Spyros Spantidas, Nikos Seymour Stathopoulos, Dimitris Daras, Irini Tsellou.

In the role of grandfather Thanasis Vassilis Kolovos


“Who is Papadopoulos?”: Premiere on Wednesday, September 21 and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m.

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