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Photographer Captures Lightning Under Double Rainbow (Images)

“It’s beautiful to be passionate enough about something to share a gift with the world,” she noted.

An incredible one picture
immortalized with him photographic of lens o Jason Rinehart.

This picture shows one lightning bolt right in the center, below a double rainbow.

I live in a very special and unique place to capture mother nature at her bestwith easy access to many high vantage points that other photographers in other areas don’t have access to, plus I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,” he pointed out, speaking to PetaPixel.

He said he was heading home that day watching the weather charts and noticed that a storm was headed his way and would break out at sunset.

After stopping at his house to get his gear, he moved towards his favorite spot on the mountain range and his predictions were confirmed.

“From the first moment, as the rainbow began to grow larger in the sky, I knew this would be something very special. I’ve captured rainbows before on the freeway, but never one as bright and intense as this one.

The color was something to beholdit took your breath away, and being a photographer, knowing you’ve captured something so special is an indescribable feeling.

I like to think that in these circumstances and moments words are not needed because now the photo tells the story,” he emphasized.

“The next thing that happened was this lightning coming down from the sky, so perfectly framed in that beautiful rainbow that all I could do was smile as soon as I heard my shutter go, knowing that I had captured exactly what I had invested so much time and energy into,” he added.

It’s beautiful to be passionate enough about something, to share a gift with the world. These are the moments when I can’t help but feel alive,” admitted the photographer.

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