What you need to know before becoming a parent and will save you later

TWhat do you need to know before becoming a parent? Some of them are not difficult, simple you must have them in order. They are things that it is good to already have for ourselves in order to be more complete personalities. We decide one day to become parents and yet in some things we are still with our parents’ ill-educated children. However, children do not need other children to raise them, but ready and stable personalities who have solved their own issues.

TWhat you should know before becoming a parent

  1. Know how to cook. The child may be fed milk and certain foods at first. But you must be prepared that your child will need to have food and you must know how to cook this food. He wants his snacks, his breakfasts, his meals and he will come to you to provide them. Taperaki and mom’s ready-made food are not a solution. I wish it was that simple.
  2. Be patient: Patience is what you will need more than any other virtue when the child arrives in your life. It’s not easy to have a little person in front of you, who can’t handle the various challenges, some of which can be quite funny, such as the shoes not fitting, the glass was blue instead of red and others just however, important for those not.
  3. Time Management: Before kids, you might have spent an hour getting ready to go for a walk. You may have wanted too much time to do things, you may have forgotten to take things and lost things. When the child comes into your life, you will have to prepare yourself for a constant race that never stops. You will have to get ready within 10 minutes, prepare your child and the bag with all the necessary things for him which at the beginning is too much. If you forget any of these you will lose time because all of these are really useful for the child. You have to learn to always be ready half an hour before because everything can go wrong. E.g. you may be ready to leave and the child gets dirty while you are at the door, or wants water, or wants the toilet and so on…
  4. Troubleshooting: You must learn before having children to resolve differences and problems quickly. Not focusing on the problem but on its solution. If you haven’t learned this skill, you can sit forever analyzing and discussing with children for hours small things that really are a complete waste of time.
  5. Dealing with stress: Stress is a condition which to some extent protects us. However, the hard part about it is managing and not drowning in a spoonful of water and eventually panicking everyone around us. Children do not need a parent who is at sea and burdens them with stress.
  6. Fears: You must have managed to bring your phobias for a ride. Don’t be afraid of your shadow, don’t be afraid of something tragic happening to you, don’t be afraid of planes, doctors, people, dogs, snakes, spiders, everything. All these fears of yours will be reflected on your face, in your middle eyebrow and even if you don’t say anything, your children will understand your fear. You wouldn’t want your children to have a fear that they might not even have themselves.

The new human life to come

It is a huge burden and responsibility to bring a human being into the world and he will find a fertile ground to grow. To grow up with respect and with two parents who are mature and able to cope with the huge responsibility they took on when they decided to bring this life into the world.

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