See what we all do out of ignorance and we can’t lose weight

See what we all do out of ignorance and we can’t lose weight
See what we all do out of ignorance and we can’t lose weight

Trying to lose weight in a healthy, long-term, sustainable way is not a simple process. After all, each person has their own unique needs.

There is no single “miracle” solution to achieving our goals. We must first get to know ourselves and what our body needs as we make small but significant changes in our daily routine to successfully lose weight.

And sometimes, even when we make these changes, we don’t lose the weight we want. There are many possible reasons why we suddenly do not lose a gram. But it’s a normal, healthy part of the whole process. But there are cases where you may not get the desired results due to some sneaky eating habits that you haven’t noticed.

Common dietary mistakes that may be preventing you from losing weight

Eat healthy food, but not in very large quantities

It is vital that you eat foods that you not only like, but are also rich in nutrients. However, some nutritionists recommend measuring your portions so you don’t go overboard on calories.

“Foods like nuts, nut butters, hummus and avocados are rich in nutrients and good for your health. But they contain more calories than other carbohydrates or proteins.”, says nutritionist dr. Amy Goodson. “Many people think that once certain foods are healthy, it doesn’t matter how much they eat, but that’s not true. The right portions are the key to successful weight loss”.

You’re not eating enough protein

Eating enough protein throughout the day is essential for your overall health, especially if you want to lose weight.

“Protein is essential for weight loss because it helps shed fat and build lean muscle, but unfortunately, many eat meals that don’t have enough protein.”, says nutritionist dr. Courtney D’Angelo.

This mistake of not eating enough protein often comes from people who either think it’s going to bulk them up, which isn’t true, or they’re just not sure how to get enough protein at every meal.

“My recommendations for protein sources are chicken breast, turkey burger, chicken sausage, fish or a pork tenderloin”, says Dr. D’Angelo. “Likely, once you’ve consumed your protein source, you’ll be less prone to eating unhealthy snacks or side dishes that are loaded with high calories, sugar, refined grains, and so on.”.

You cook with a lot of oil

The type and amount of oil you use can have an insidious impact on your weight loss goals.

“Oil is one of those ingredients that makes the calorie density of a meal go up significantly”, says nutritionist dr. Trista Best.

You can reduce your oil intake (and subsequent calorie intake) by measuring how much you want to use. One idea is to use an oil spray can instead of pouring oil from the bottle.

Cooking without oil is also an option. “For example, when you saute vegetables, you usually do it with extra virgin olive oil or butter. However, sautéing with water is just as effective without making an otherwise nutrient-dense dish calorie-dense.”, says Dr. Best.

You add unhealthy extra sauces and seasonings

“Sometimes, we add our favorite spices to our foods to enhance the taste. But when we overdo it, it’s a critical mistake that prevents you from losing weight.”, says Dr. D’Angelo.

“For example, adding syrup to your pancakes in the morning might taste good in the moment, but that extra sugar will set the tone for the rest of your day, causing your body to crave more sugar. Other examples include adding sauce to a lunch or dinner, salad dressing, mayonnaise on sandwiches, etc.”, says Dr. D’Angelo.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use any more seasonings, because that wouldn’t be fun at all! But finding some healthier alternatives to your usual choices or just simply using less at a time can make a big difference in your weight loss goals.


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