Logicom “Gold Partner” of KOE

Logicom “Gold Partner” of KOE
Logicom “Gold Partner” of KOE

Logicom “Golden Partner” of KOE – Companion in the common goal of the progress of sports

The cooperation agreement with the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC), which will be in force until the end of 2024, the year of the “Paris 2024” Olympic Games, was signed at the offices of Logicom Public Ltd. The international Logicom group of companies operates in 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia and is a strategic partner of the leading manufacturers of technological products and solutions. The parent company of the group, Logicom Public Ltd, is listed on the Main Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE/CySE20 index. The Logicom Group now joins the KOE sponsorship program as a Gold Partner.

The agreement was signed in Nicosia by Mr. Georgios Chrysostomou (Chairman of KOE) and Mr. Takis Cleridis (Chairman of Logicom) in the presence of Mr. Varnavas Irinarchos (Vice-Chairman and CEO of Logicom), and Mr. Anthoulis Papachristoforou (Deputy CEO Consultant and Financial Director Logicom). Also present were the athletes Giorgos Balartzisvili (Judo), Ilias Georgiou (Gymnastics) and Andris Christoforou (Cycling), who were among those who distinguished themselves in the impressive presence of the Cypriot delegation at the recent Commonwealth Games. The KOE delegation was completed by Administrative Officers Giorgos Terezopoulos and Giorgos Panagidis.

The cooperation until the end of 2024, seals in the best possible way the excellent relations of the two parties, and falls within the framework of Logicom’s social corporate policy, for a practical contribution to the society and sports of Cyprus.

The signing of the agreement between KOE and Logicom was welcomed by the president of KOE, Mr. Georgios Chrysostomou, and introducing the athletes who attended the signing of the agreement, he noted: “I have mentioned many times that for the Cyprus Olympic Committee, a model athlete is not the athlete who breaks records, but the athlete who, with his overall presence and good character, presents and conveys the Olympic values ​​to society as a whole. The scope of our sponsors is such that it forces us to present the corresponding image for the trust they have shown us to implement the goals and purposes of the KOE, with respect for the choice we were lucky with, with prudence and clarity.”

For his part, Mr. Takis Cleridis mentioned that Logicom is a proud co-traveler of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, especially for “Paris 2024”, noting the following: “The Olympic Games are an important horizon and at Logicom, within the framework of social corporate responsibility, we want to contribute even more to the new generation which is the cornerstone of our actions, as well as to the ideals of Olympism and the Cyprus Olympic Committee ».

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