Major Johnny Thompson: Why the man at King Charles’ side went viral

While most in the last days mourned her loss Queen Elizabeththe attention of some of the TikTok users was attracted by new chevalier to King Charles, Major Johnny Thompson.

Although little is known about the hippocampus, the major actually has a long and close history with the royal family, including highly regarded positions for both the late Queen Elizabeth and the newly appointed King Charles III‘.

Major Johnny Thompson, named “Major Eye Candy” from social mediawas formerly a senior bodyguard to Queen Elizabeth and now serves as equerry to King Charles III.

However, what impressed TikTok users was none other than her impressive appearance of, which was also the reason for a video of it going viral and be viewed more than 7.6 million times in just four daysthe New York Post reports.

More specifically, Thomson became the talk of the town on TikTok after he was seen walking behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in the royal procession last Wednesday as it was moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for four days of rest ahead of her funeral on Monday. He was also seen accompanying Prime Minister Liz Truss to meet him King Charles at Buckingham Palace.

What is Major Thomson’s role

Major Thompson is currently serving at 5th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and his role as a chevalier – which is an officer of the British royal house who watches over or assists members of the royal family – requires him to attend public events.

His position also requires close contact with the monarchwhile prior to this role, Major Thompson served as one of the senior bodyguards of queen elizabeth ii.

The major has been spotted at many public events with the royal family, including accompanying the late Queen on her visit to Balmoral Castlethe place where Queen Elizabeth always felt happy and where she breathed her last – in 2018, where she was staying for the summer.

Thomson – reportedly working with Charles since 2020 – is responsible for “planning and executing” the king’s daily programs.

The TikTok comments about the charming Thomson

And for those wondering if she’s single, Elle reports that she is married for 13 years and with his wife, a marketing executive, here and 4 years they have had a son. Which didn’t stop them tiktokers to declare him a royal hottie, with most commenting on her his obvious charm.

Since the account at TikTok UK Travel released a video of the ‘handsome man in the green kilt’ four days ago when he was spotted in the procession, the viral clip sent social media into a frenzy to find out who he is.

“After I googled ‘man in green kilt walking behind queen’s coffin’, lo and behold! And I’m glad to be here,” said one woman on TikTok.

“Offfffft. Major Johnny Thompson,” one Twitter user wrote, along with several heart emojis. “What a fine specimen of man.” “So glad we found the new 007,” commented another.

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