Sarri’s move to Roma after Lazio’s 5th from Midland

Sarri’s move to Roma after Lazio’s 5th from Midland
Sarri’s move to Roma after Lazio’s 5th from Midland

Lazio experienced an embarrassing night in Denmark and Maurizio Sarri in his statements did not forget Roma.

Having made fun of Feyenoord in the Europa League opener, Lazio traveled to Denmark to qualify. In other words, to beat Midland and get out of the group early on. Instead, however, 5 points came… How this 5 points came, how it is possible that the team we see in Serie A scored 5 points from Midland, is a mystery. Not only for us, for everyone else, but also for their coach. And it was also seen in his statements after the end. Statements, in which her technician Lazio he threw his punches for her too Romaafter last year’s 6-1 by Bodo Glimt.

“In games like this you also have to be humble. If you go to Europe with the wrong mindset, you’re going to have a rough night. As it happened to us this year and as it happened to some others last year… It’s inevitable”, was his characteristic saying Sari. Which Sarri, from then on, spoke of a “germ” in the dressing room that should be exterminated. Without yet identifying, as he said, who this “germ” is.

“Unfortunately, I don’t see big differences from last year. This sudden collapse, like tonight, is the same as those of the past years. Hard to understand why. If it’s me, then I have to take a step back. If the reason is a player, then we have to sell him immediately. Someone in the locker room has put this “germ” and we will have to find a solution”, were his words and he added: “In our locker room we don’t have big problems. There is that sudden collapse, though, sometimes. Well, there is a problem and we should identify it.”

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