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An all-out attack on the government on the issue of accuracy, increases in energy, but also on the measures recently announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Thessaloniki, was launched during his speech at the TIF by the general secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas .

Mr. Koutsoubas, who at 7 pm will be hosted at the OT Forum as part of the 86th TEF, did not leave out criticism of SYRIZA and PASOK for their stance on a series of critical issues while ringing a “bell” in the shadow of the energy crisis, stressing that the worst is yet to come.

He harshly criticized the issue of wiretapping and “alleged benefits” as he described them from the government, while he did not fail to mention the issue of collaborations after the elections after the prime minister’s recent reports.

Koutsoubas: The Mitsotakis government is a monster – The new crisis brings revolts in Europe

The KKE revealed the truth in time

“The KKE very promptly revealed to the people the truth about the current situation and the worst things to come. It revealed that the big culprit for the increase in precision and energy poverty is the EU’s own guidelines and commitments, which serve the interests of big capital, at the expense of the peoples of Europe,” he said to add that the truth is that the boom in energy prices started long before the military confrontation and the escalation of the energy war between NATO, the EU and Russia.

The general secretary of the KKE pointed his “arrows” at the EU as well, emphasizing that “he is shooting at the feet of the people and he is not doing it to defend “freedom and international law”, but to shield the dictatorship of capital and its position in international competition”.

No propaganda, he added, can hide the real facts of the economy for long.

“The EU is unable to ensure in the coming months a sufficient amount of gas to make up for the losses of Russian natural gas.”

“ND, SYRIZA, PASOK accomplices”

In the continuation of his speech, Mr. Koutsoubas referred in high tones both to the attitude of the government, as well as to SYRIZA and PASOK, which promote – as he said – the country’s deeper involvement, not only in the energy war, but also overall in the imperialist confrontation between NATO – EU and Russia.

“ND, SYRIZA and PASOK are complicit in the policy that turns cities, such as Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli, into military targets if there is a wider conflict.

They are complicit because they mock that our involvement in the plans of the US and NATO is a shield of protection against the aggression of Turkey” he said to add that the exact opposite is happening.

“With the backs of NATO and the USA, Turkey is “graying” the Aegean, questioning the sovereignty of the Greek islands and the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus with the invention of the “Blue Homeland”.

Turkish aggression is “fed” by the action of NATO – USA – EU, as well as their major confrontations with China and Russia,” he noted characteristically.

“Fire” against Mitsotakis

Mr. Koutsoubas made a special mention of Mitsotakis’ reports regarding the attraction of investments.

“Mr. Mitsotakis from the stage of the TIF, a few days ago, celebrated that, regarding the attraction of investments and the utilization of community funds, Greece achieved a 30-year record in 2021!!!

Yes, yes. But did he not tell us what the workers and the people gained by this record?

We all know the answer. Attracting investments goes hand in hand with the sacrifice of the people’s rights on the altar of profit,” he said characteristically, adding that “the chain of counter-productive laws, with the Hatzidakis law at the top, proves it.”

“The third deep crisis in 15 years is coming”

In the continuation of their speech, he did not fail to prepare the people for the difficult winter that is coming due to the energy crisis, stressing that the workers will experience, for the first time after decades, a massive lack of heating, electricity interruptions, while the shortages of basic goods and exorbitant prices – which are two sides of the same coin as he said – will multiply.

“No serious analyst is debating whether, but only the depth of the new, coming capitalist crisis. The third, big, deep crisis in 15 years is coming!

All the promises of the other parties, all these years, “for the development that is coming and that will lead to popular prosperity”, are shattered by reality, he noted.

The system of capitalist exploitation, he added, shows its true, reactionary, rotten face.

“This is the grim reality. And in this reality, come the announcements of the prime minister, who appears as if he does not understand it….

The relief measures, the big package, it is more than obvious that it can do little to relieve the workers.

The amount of the “package”, even if it finally reaches the 5.5 billion that is extended, translates into approximately 500 euros per person…

The government, therefore, calls on workers with these to face the consequences of a monstrous increase in the cost of living.

In simple words, an employee who used to survive on 10,000 a year, and has to pay 11,500 this year, is asked to do this with 500 euros. This is the one given.”

“Let’s stop the mockery”

Mr. Koutsoubas once again targeted Mitsotakis’ announcements, and in particular the 250 euro allowance for 2.5 million people as well as those concerning farmers and pensioners.

“It gives, he said, 250 euros to 2.5 million people, that is 70 minutes a day. Are these 70 minutes a day really going to solve the huge problem of punctuality?

Weird math… Let’s stop the jokes!

Accordingly, announcements about farmers only as a challenge can be understood.

The enormous cost of fertilizers and agricultural supplies has led farmers to minimize their use, for decades, with a negative effect on the levels of production and coverage of the country’s nutritional needs.

And now, the government is coming to subsidize with less than 4 euros per hectare of used land, subsidies that will eventually end up on the importers of fertilizers and agricultural inputs.

The announcements about the pensioners also evoke the common feeling.

Really, how is it possible for a prime minister, of such a privileged state, to come and announce as a “benefit” what the courts awarded as a “right” of the pensioners?”

“Leave the KKE out of the dirty games”

Towards the end of his speech, Dimitris Koutsoubas referred to the issue of wiretapping but also to the Prime Minister’s reports from the TIF forum about collaborations, trying to involve the KKE as well, as he pointed out.

“It has been proven that, when the rulers talk – and often blackmail – about the need for government “stability”, as Mr. Mitsotakis is doing now, they are actually worried about the stability and intensity of their anti-popular policy, which consistently and it permanently sweeps away the rights of the people for the profits of the few” he said to then target the party of the official Opposition.

“Of course, SYRIZA has the same concerns, that’s why Mr. Tsipras, wherever he is and wherever he stands, raises concerns about ensuring “social cohesion”. In fact, it signals to the capital that “I am here to guarantee it, as I did in my previous government term”.

ND and SYRIZA, and closely also PASOK, want the spectator people, a lifetime of waiting, to watch with crossed arms, as instability and insecurity grow in their lives for the sake of the political stability that the few, the exploiters, need of the people for their own interests”.

To be honest, he continued, “the easy thing is to ask for an anti-popular government to leave, or for another one not to come. The difficult thing, but at the same time the most crucial thing for the people, is for the people to fight to “go away”, i.e. to abolish, all anti-labor anti-people laws”.

Regarding Mr. Mitsotakis who “spoke about the formation of a government, which he characterized as “political – monstrosity”, foolishly including the KKE” he emphasized that the prime minister “knows – and he wants to hide this from the people – that the monsters he is looking for exist where he and his party are, together with the other bourgeois parties, that is, within the rotten system they serve as company” and he added in high tones.

“So all of you, leave the KKE out of your dirty games. The KKE, you know well, as all the Greek people know, is not going to support you, but neither will it tolerate you in such a government of disaster for the people, as it has not done all these years.”

About the wiretapping

Regarding the eavesdropping, on the occasion, as he said, of the miserable and unacceptable surveillance case of the president of PASOK, he pointed out meaningfully.

“But who is talking about them? Who; SYRIZA, which is tearing its clothes, or PASOK, which has washed it, are they talking today about the abolition of the entire dark and dangerous institutional framework for surveillance and wiretapping? No one is talking.

Because all of them either voted for, supported, or tolerated all this mess of EU laws, directives and regulations, which in essence target the liberties and rights of the people.

What unites the ND, SYRIZA and PASOK today, as well as the other bourgeois parties, is much more than what separates them. And they could very well build their next bourgeois government, both numerically and above all politically, if this is what capital and its allies demand.”

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