“The Mitsotakis government, which rules with 37%, is a disaster”

“The Mitsotakis government, which rules with 37%, is a disaster”
“The Mitsotakis government, which rules with 37%, is a disaster”

Sta about teratogenesis which was spoken by Kyriakos Mitsotakis last week at TEF referring to the possibility of one government of SYRIZA, PASOK, MeRA25 and KKE answered the Dimitris Koutsoubas speaking to OT FORUM and returned the characterization to the prime minister.

He carefully extends his hand to Velopoulos

If we enter into the logic of Mr. Mitsotakis, the government of Mr. Mitsotakis that rules with a 37% (due to electoral law) is also a monster.said the secretary of the KKE, adding that the SYRIZA government with the far-right ANEL could be characterized as a monster.

However, Mr. Koutsoubas added that “teratogenesis” could also be characterized the government that Mr. Mitsotakis seeks to re-formwhich cautiously reaches out to Velopoulos or to a part of PASOK that is dissatisfied with the leadership of Androulakis».

The establishment wants to sit on the neck of the people again

However, Dimitris Koutsoubas emphasized that the main fact is thata game is being played at the expense of the Greek people with the dilemmas posed by Mr. Mitsotakis Tsipras. Mr. Mitsotakis addresses conservatives and far-rights to rally them, while Mr. Tsipras addresses leftists and social democrats to rally under his leadership. It is the constant tactic of the establishment to sit on the neck of the people again».

In fact, Mr. Koutsoubas estimated that there is a possibility for governmental cooperation between ND, SYRIZA and PASOK as they agree on the basic programmatic issues and gave as an example energy, the Recovery Fund, the tying of Greece to the USA, the enlargement of NATO (eg they voted together for the integration of Finland and Sweden).

On the other side

Don’t put the KKE in the picture. As long as these policies and this direction exist, the KKE will be on the other side. He will not participate in government schemes that lead to calamities for our people” emphasized Mr. Koutsoubas and called for the reinforcement of the KKE in order to strengthen the struggles which, as he said, can give the people a breath of relief but also to pave the way for a different future. In this direction, he also called you participation in the strike announced for November 9.

Wild winter – the world will suffer

The secretary of the KKE expressed the his concern for the coming winter characteristically saying that “especially Northern Greece but also the whole country will suffer, the world will suffer. It will be a wild winter and it is due to the policies of the governments” because of the energy problem which he said the war only accelerated the developments, as the problem existed before the war.

In this direction it became as causes of the problem the green transition, the liberalization of the energy market and the decisions of the EU and the member states, criticizing delignitization and especially for the country, he wondered why lignite factories should be closed, speaking of another central plan that should exist with support of all energy sources such as geothermal, hydroelectricity and RES with another central plan that will protect the environment and agricultural production.

Europe put her hands up and put out her eyes

At the same time, Dimitris Koutsoubas practiced criticism of the EU saying that Europe with its choices put its hands and gouged out her eyes leaving spikes for the imposition of sanctions against Russia as Europe, as the KKE secretary pointed out, does not have the resources and the prerequisites to respond to Russia’s retaliation that utilizes natural gas.

Mr. Koutsoubas estimated that we are facing a new economic crisis deeper than the previous one, noting that the euro is weakening in relation to the dollar and in fact in combination with the food crisis and the precision in food (the feta has typically reached 12 euros per kilo and we are still at the beginning of the problem), emphasized that “the situation will objectively lead to rage and riots» both in other continents such as Asia, Africa, America and also in Europe, putting our country in the frame. “What time does not bring, time brings” he said characteristically saying that we will have large mobilizations but also intensity of surveillance and repression.

Who is the perpetrator and the victim is like the chicken and the egg

From then on, the secretary of the KKE estimated that Greece with its strategic alliance with the West is not only not shielded but is involved in a conflict with Russia and becomes the target of attack and retaliation by Russia because of the facilities provided by the country to NATO and the USA (Alexandroupoli, Souda, etc.)

Especially for her confrontation between Russia and the West when asked about this, Mr. Koutsoubas emphasized that “my assessment is that Putin and the Russian bourgeoisie want to defend what they consider vital interests. NATO has set foot in ex-Soviet republics and Russia wants to regain lost markets». He added that “in the age of competition and imperialist opposition, who is the aggressor and the victim is like the chicken and the egg. We have no idea».

Erdogan Prepares – Greece is on its own

However, the mention of Mr. Koutsoubas, who almost discounts a hot episode with Turkey. “The people of Greece and Turkey are lost. I don’t know if the Greek bourgeoisie or Erdogan consider themselves winners. However, the people of both countries are at a loss. We could live in peace» initially commented the secretary of the KKE on the latest developments.

Pointing out that Mr. Koutsoubas that possible conflict between Greece and Turkey Greece will be alone as both NATO and the Europeans have made clear, he said that “of course and I see it possible” the scenario of Erdogan attacking a rock island and added that “our view is that Erdogan is preparing».

Revision of the Treaty of Lausanne is not done without war” said Mr. Koutsoubas meaningfully, assessing at the same time from the side of Athens and its allies and partners that the retreat to sovereign rights has been decided and launched.

Under no circumstances will NATO support Greecesaid Mr. Koutsoubas, giving his example Jens Stoltenberg and adding that “he wants Turkey as an ally in NATO in order to extract it from the arms of Russia».


Regarding the wiretapping, Mr. Koutsoubas referred to meetings at the KKE call center from had started from 2016 until recently and accused the government of Mr. Mitsotakis of following procedures cover up.

In particular, Mr. Koutsoubas, referring to the actions of his party over the years to investigate the issue, statement that Yiannis Roubatis had said that the EYP had not been involved in this but the telecommunication providers must be checked and the assistance of other countries must be requested through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because the calls were appearing from abroad.

It was not searched… we put the questions to the Parliament” said Mr. Koutsoubas for all these years, while especially regarding the examination committee he emphasized that “unfortunately the authorities are either not invited by the governing majority, or they invoke secrecy».

He takes them from one pocket and gives them from the other

Referring to 5.5 billion benefits package announced by Mr. Mitsotakis Dimitris Koutsoubas emphasized “It is not enough. But our criticism is mainly that the Greek people are actually paying for these inadequate provisions. She takes them from one pocket and gives them from the other».

Support of the whole society

Finally, Mr. Koutsoubas referred to the layoffs and strike actions in Malamatinawhich he visited in the morning, and emphasized that the workers there “they need the support of the whole society. We appeal to artists and people of good will to help the laid-off people to be re-employed. Their children are hungryhe characteristically said.

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