This is how Queen Elizabeth’s body is preserved for so many days – What the experts say

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8completing today eight days. The protocol states that before she was taken to her final abode in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, that is, after three days, on Monday, September 19it should be moved to some more places.

“For this reason the body must be prepared accordingly: especially if you consider that the putrefaction of the human body starts about one to two days after death,” writes the German network n-tv.

Speaking to RTLthe certified embalmer Philip Berger, explains: “We take care of the preservation of the dead. This includes temporarily stopping the body’s decomposition so that burial or an open casket farewell can take place later.”

The press representative of the association of Funeral Directors of Lower Saxony, Marcus Gebauerexplains in RND: “To halt the natural process of decomposition, bodily fluids are exchanged for formaldehyde and other chemicals.”

This is a type of embalming, which can last from two to six hours – depending on the condition of the body. In this way, the corpse of the deceased can be kept in good condition for two to three months.

Of course, no one can know whether Queen Elizabeth’s body underwent such procedures, and certainly no one from the palace intends to go into the process of revealing details.

The Association of Funeral Homes of Lower Saxony, however, considers embalming very likely.

The newspaper Bild he also maintains that the body is preserved with special cooling plates until burial.

In addition, the Queen’s coffin can be transported in a refrigerated hearse.

“Many hearses have separate cooling, which can be activated specifically for long-distance transports,” Gebauer explains.

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