The death of the worker at the airport as a result of the intensification

The death of the worker at the airport as a result of the intensification
The death of the worker at the airport as a result of the intensification

His deep and sincere condolences are expressed by the Labor Center of Lavrio – Eastern Attica for the death of a worker at the Athens airport on Wednesday afternoon.

As he emphasizes, his death was not a bad moment but the fatal outcome of the intensification and non-existent measures to protect the lives of workers.

He notes the huge responsibilities of both the ground handling company that the colleague worked for and of the Athens airport, since the colleague who lost his life was performing his duties alone, in a position that needed more people, but also the dangerous nature of his work was too high.

The Lavrio Labor Center of Eastern Attica has repeatedly intervened regarding the insufficient protection measures for workers at Athens airport and has previously met with the airport’s security officer, stating its concerns for the health and safety of workers, as well as a series of proposals in this direction, while only a few days have passed since, on the initiative of EK Lavriou-An. In Attica, a union meeting was held at the airport where the workers’ concern over the intensification of work, the lack of manning of posts and the fear of possible accidents from this situation prevailed.

In fact, through this particular meeting, it has been decided to hold a series of meetings of the Boards of Directors of the airport unions with a delegation of the Board of Directors of the Labor Center, which is ongoing, as well as to hold a mobilization towards the end of the month at the Athens airport.

Work intensification, short days off, counter-shifts, insufficient staffing of posts, non-existent protection measures are the daily routine for the workers of Athens Airport. It is their daily life, with the blessings and legislative regulations of all governments until today, of course with the top of all the extreme Hatzidakis.

The death of the colleague also demonstrates the complete absence of a modern Primary Health Care network for workers in the area and at the airport itself, as well as the absence of a modern network of doctors and security technicians in industrial zones and large workplaces. We note this because the colleague who died, a few days ago, was infected with coronavirus, but he returned to work without the necessary control that should have been provided by the state and employer after such an aggravating illness and who could potentially be one of the reasons that took his life, since the complications left by the disease are known. Also at the same time of the incident as we were informed, there was another serious incident with a passenger without the EKAB being able to respond due to the seriousness of the employee’s incident.

The Labor Center of Lavrio of Eastern Attica “calls on all Unions and Airport workers to no longer accept that their health and lives become a burden for the profits of the airline companies. To come forward, to accompany the Labor Center-Lauriou of Eastern Attica and the framework of the struggle for the protection of the health and life of the workers.

The fight for modern conditions in our life and work will be the best testimony to the memory of the colleague who left in the battle for the daily wage with all the problems that concern us in our life and work.

Finally, we call on all the competent authorities to take the necessary actions to clarify the causes and reasons responsible for the death of our colleague at his workplace”.

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