Everything you will see in the first episodes of the series

Everything you will see in the first episodes of the series
Everything you will see in the first episodes of the series

The new season in Samso finds the main heroes of the series with new challenges, emotional and personal. New arrivals, new roles, strong dilemmas. The arrival of Pavlos Vroulakis polarizes the situation even more, while new events bring twists, move the belt of history and lead the action to the absolute climax!

So read what will happen in the first 4 episodes:

Monday, September 19 – Episode 01 – SECOND CYCLE PREMIERE

The murder of Angelos turns everything upside down and the wedding everyone was expecting collapses… The arrest of Mathios falls like a bolt of lightning in the church, where Vasiliki is waiting in her wedding dress, while Argyro, Stavros and little Petrakis come hurriedly to the village where they find Aspa mourning Angelos. Grandma Irene loses the ground under her feet after the loss of her grandson as well… As Marina tries to confirm with Antonis the involvement of Mathios in the heinous crime, Argyro again hears the name Stamatakis next to the word murder . Calliope, on the other hand, confesses to Asteris that Mathios didn’t do it. But the big secret, this time, is in the hands of Pope Michael… And the man he protects will forever change Sasmos…

Tuesday September 20 – Episode 02

Clouded by anger over the murder of Angelos, Argyro breaks into the Stamatakis’ house. Mathios swears in Vasiliki that he did not kill that Angel, while at the same time Manolis, tormented by remorse for the murder, re-enters the frame of the investigations as a possible witness. Sofia and Tasos express their reservations to Stella about her decision to defend Mathio. Grandma Irene asks for a favor from Pope Michael. But her presence is noticed by a man from the past, who returns from the world of the dead, thirsty for revenge. Pope Michael’s great fear awakens: The arrival of this man does not bode well for the future…

Wednesday September 21 – Episode 03

The investigation into Angelos’ murder continues and Calliope gives Mathios an alibi to save him, since she knows that her son is not the culprit… At the same time, Pavlos announces to the priest that he came back to stay and take revenge, while Aspa with Marina and Argyro is on the verge of collapse in front of the tragic sight of Angelos’ corpse in the morgue. Asteris receives a love interest from Stella and this confuses him. The police are looking for Manolis to testify, but before he goes to the department, Calliope appears in front of him who has learned from Mathios that Manolis is ready to talk about Stefanis’s killer…

Thursday September 22 – Episode 04

Paul is methodically preparing his return, a return that is going to be stained with blood. Will the memories of the past, and the image of the grandmother, be enough to stop him? Remorse overwhelms Calliope as her memories of the night of the killer reveal the horrible truth. In a state of panic, he will ask Manolis for a deadline, before going to report to the police. An unexpected meeting between Asteris and Argyros will end up in a fight with Stavros, and will awaken in the latter doubts about his marriage. Antonis and Dina try to piece together the puzzle of Angelo’s murder and get to the culprit. The appearance of a witness out of nowhere will complicate things even more, while a confession will drop like a bomb and overturn everything the authorities knew about the night of the heinous crime…!

Directed by: Kostas Kostopoulos

Script Consultant V. X. Spiliopoulos & team of screenwriters

Screenplay editor: Mary Zafiropoulou


Orfeas Augustidis, Dimitris Lalos, Maria Protopappa, Christina Heila-Fameli, Dimitris Imellos, Stelios Mainas, Marilita Lampropoulou, Eugenia Samara, Michalis Aerakis, Iota Festa, George Gerontidakis, Danae Pappa, Dimitris Alexandris.

Maria Tzobanaki in the role of Calliope.

Olga Damani in the role of Grandma Irene.

They play in alphabetical order:

Giorgos Amoutzas, Dimitris Georgalas, Nektaria Giannoudakis, Stella Gikas, Efimia Kalogiannis, Alina Kotsovoulou, Vera Makromaridou, Dimitris Mamios, Stathis Mantzoros, Spyros Sarafianos, Sandy Hatziioannou, Stratis Hatjistamatiou et al.

So every day, from Monday to Thursday at 9 pm, Sasmos will be on the ALPHA frequency waiting for viewers to enter his story…!


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