Ring 2022: It’s back with changes – What’s in the plan – Greece

Ring 2022: It’s back with changes – What’s in the plan – Greece
Ring 2022: It’s back with changes – What’s in the plan – Greece

With changes it is expected to return from October the “Ring of Athens”, which will be in force until July 2023.

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The changes will mainly concern owners of vehicles with a first registration after January 1, 2021, that is, when the new way of calculating the average CO2 emissions of cars began.

What does the plan provide?

In particular, the plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport provides for free access to the Ring for vehicles with emissions of up to 145 g/CO2 per kilometer, provided that their first license was issued after January 1, 2021.

In this way, an important mistake that was made last year will be corrected, as vehicles with a first registration license up to December 2020 were moving freely on the Ring Road, while the very same vehicles that were issued their driving licenses a few days later were moving on the Ring Road under the odd-even regime!

In fact, all cars that have been registered for the first time in a member state of the European Union from 01.01.2021 onwards will now enter the Ring, as long as they emit less than 145 g/km of carbon dioxide. (combined cycle price or weighted combined cycle if external charging or gas fuel hybrid electric vehicles for bi-fuel cars, according to the Worldwide Light Test Procedure/WLTP).


Also, they will move freely every day in the Ring and all the older vehicles that meet the Euro 6 pollution directive, as long as they emit less than 120 g/CO2 per kilometer, electric, hybrid, natural gas vehicles from construction and LPG vehicles from construction.

All other vehicles emitting more than 120 g/CO2 per kilometer will be driven under the odd-even system, while no vehicle will be banned from driving in the center.

The cars of the permanent residents of Athens whose residence is within the boundaries of the Ring will normally circulate in the Ring. Beneficiaries should be provided with a special entry-exit card, which is issued by the competent services of the Municipality of Athens. These cars will move in predetermined zones, depending on the owner’s place of residence, using the shortest route to and from his residence (for entry/exit to and from the Ring).


Taxis will move freely and light feeder trucks, while on the contrary there will also be a new drastic cut in the applicable exemptions by a total of 50%.

Violators of the restrictive measures will be punished in accordance with the provisions of article 52 par. 6 of the Road Traffic Code (administrative fine of 100 euros), as amended and valid in conjunction with article 31 of Law 3904/2010 (Α΄218) .

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