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The special printed edition of has been circulating since the first day of the 86th TEF, inside and outside the Thessaloniki exhibition center.

The elegant publication is dedicated to the development course of Thessaloniki with the motto “Challenging the future… in a changing world”. Through its pages, representatives of the government, local government and also productive entities unravel the thread of planning for the future of the city that passes through the development lung of the city, TIF.

A special chapter this year is the long-awaited renovation of the TIF with the planned Exhibition and Conference Center representing a challenge as well as an opportunity for the future of Thessaloniki.

In addition, through the categories “History”, “I live”, “I learn”, the reader has the opportunity to learn pieces of the city’s history, to take a tour of its emblematic monuments and its traditional neighborhoods that have remained alive over time.

An important part of the publication is the Auto insert, through which you will be informed about the latest news and trends regarding cars, electric mobility, bicycles and skates.

All articles have been written by journalists of the group Rthessmediagroup after research and painstaking effort.

Distribution points:

Outside TIF.
On the stage of Radio Thessaloniki at the south gate of TIF.

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The editorial team of consists of professional journalists, whose exclusive reports have been reproduced by all electronic and print media in the territory.

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