The PlayStation 5 is on a “diet” for the second time – Playstation

The PlayStation 5 is on a “diet” for the second time – Playstation
The PlayStation 5 is on a “diet” for the second time – Playstation

Sony has started selling a new version of the PlayStation 5, which may not come with improved performance, but it is considerably lighter.

In a related article, the website Press Start reports that the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles with codes CFI-1200B and CFI-1200A respectively have started to make their appearance on the Australian market with significantly reduced weight. According to the information on their packaging, the “digital version” of Sony’s game console is 200 grams lighter, while the Blu-Ray disc player version is 300 grams lighter.

This means that in the second case, the console now has the same weight as the “digital version” when it was first released on the market. There is currently no information and evidence of changes to the internal configuration of the console or its equipment, however, it is most likely related to the cooling system or the casing. However, the previous time Sony proceeded to reduce the weight of the PlayStation 5, with the CFI-1102 version for example, it was found that it had proceeded with changes to the cooling system.

Possibly the weight reduction helps lower the cost of producing the PlayStation 5, or even helps increase production (making more consoles faster, for example). At the moment we have no official information from a representative of the company to know details about the weight change.

  • Launch: Disc: 4.5kg / Digital: 3.9kg

  • 2021 Revision: Disc: 4.2kg / Digital: 3.6kg

  • 2022 Revision: Disc: 3.9kg / Digital: 3.4kg

Last week, Sony announced that it would raise the cost of the PlayStation 5 globally “due to the difficult economic climate” except in the United States of America. The cost of the console in the European market is now €50 higher. Last year, however, the Japanese company made it known that it was no longer selling the PlayStation 5 with a “hack” and that it was making enough money, at least from the regular version of the console.

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