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Super Mario Bros Wonder made history with an “impossible” sales record!


We had already had a taste of his successive firsts Super Mario Bros Wonder in the UK Charts, that the commercial course it is charting is terribly impressive. Now, however, Nintendo came to confirm with worldwide official data that the title is not only doing great, but in fact has achieved record numbers!

Going into details, according to the financial data revealed by the Japanese giant for the most recent quarter, Super Mario Bros Wonder is the fastest selling Super Mario title of all time.

Particularly, within its first two weeks on the market, Wonder has sold over 4.3 million copies. Nintendo points out that this figure makes Wonder the fastest-selling Super Mario title worldwide, at least since sales data began to be collected in the Wii and DS era.

For the record, we already knew that Super Mario Bros Wonder was the fastest selling Super Mario game in Europe. At the same time, last month it was also known that it is the fastest-selling Switch Mario game in Japan, according to Famitsu data.

In his detailed review of the title, George Pritskas pointed out:

There’s something pure about Mario’s single-minded approach to simplicity and effortless fun. Wonder is a creation of pure design craftsmanship that has been honed over many years and is now in a constant dialogue with itself. It takes almost all the rules of the series and plays with them, twisting them, bending them, remaking them, in an endless ocean of little ideas and mechanisms. Its first playthrough is in my opinion among the highest peaks of the series, and all that remains to be proven is the timelessness of its frantic gameplay. That is, if the paint of all these innovations wears off with time and repetition. However, now is the time to enjoy the moment!

For more you can find his full review by clicking here.

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