‘Bell’ Crimifies Humanity – ‘There Is No Ark To Save Us’ – Newsbomb – News

‘Bell’ Crimifies Humanity – ‘There Is No Ark To Save Us’ – Newsbomb – News
‘Bell’ Crimifies Humanity – ‘There Is No Ark To Save Us’ – Newsbomb – News

The leading Greek academic, Stamatis Krimizis, sounded the alarm for the future of humanity, speaking to ERT.

At the same time, he commented on his participation in the planning of a new space mission with a vessel moving at unimaginable speeds. changing the way we explore space.

“We’ve designed the space mission, which doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s a spacecraft that will travel at least twice or three times as fast as Voyager, which is 120,000 kilometers per hour, and will go from Earth to the galaxy much faster than went the Voyager which was 35 years old” noted the leading Greek referring to his next plans and revealing that the specific mission is in the plans, as soon as the study was done and it will probably be implemented in the 2030s.

It is so expensive to maintain humans in space that manned missions are extremely difficult, Mr. Krimizis noted, among other things, while recalling that “we have been to the moon and then we stopped. Mainly also for the cost and it will be repeated now, after almost fifty years with the program, Artemis” emphasizing that the final launch with a human crew destined for the moon will take place in 2025.

When asked about the interstellar study that is being prepared, the space scientist said that “the purpose is to see what is always beyond. This has been the curiosity of man since he stood on two feet and wanted to know what is behind the next mountain. Voyager arrived at an area. We don’t understand what’s going on because the theoretical models that existed Voyager proved that they were wrong,” adding that they will go 150 billion kilometers away, while Voyager is 24 billion kilometers from Earth.

Among other things, he added that the signal coming from Voyager to Earth takes 22.5 hours to reach the speed of light at 300,000 kilometers per hour.

Describing the Artemis project as “a project of the new generation” and stressing that “it is our children and our grandchildren who will take part and implement this project and among the planning is how to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next to continue the program. It will take 50 years.”

When asked if there is life outside the planet Earth, he noted that “there is no evidence for this”, while there are indications, since as he noted, you need energy, organic substances, water and these exist, but the problem is the issue of distance, since the nearest sun in our own solar system is about 41 trillion kilometers away

“We learned about the planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. We learned that there are underground oceans, we learned that there are volcanoes, volcanic moons on Jupiter and to some extent on Saturn. That is, almost 50 years ago we did not know that there is volcanic activity on another celestial body. We only knew what the volcano was that secretes and in a month it ends and stops and the moon of Jupiter, Io has 13 active volcanoes, which are constantly active, constantly spewing lava into space” he noted among other things about what he has learned all this the years of astral travel.

“There is no Ark to save us”

Furthermore, he added that “when we went to Venus, 40 years ago, we saw that the entire atmosphere was carbon dioxide and the temperature on the surface was 462 degrees Celsius. Carbon dioxide, greenhouse issue. And what on earth are we doing? We add carbon dioxide and the temperature rises. We have started and we are seeing the effects. If we don’t take care of this planet, then the human species will perish” adding that “if we don’t take care of the earth, there is no Ark to save us. It’s over. It’s very simple and this should be the objective of humanity and we elect politicians who understand it.”

While at the same time he described as “nonsense” what is heard about “colonization” on Mars.

Regarding his own personal “journey” from Vrontado in Chios to conquering space, the great Greek scientist noted that “many times it is a matter of coincidence and luck. When I was in Middle School and High School there were no satellites. The first satellite was launched when I was a freshman at the University of Minnesota, and it was the amazing phenomenon of the time, because for the first time a man went from the height of an airplane to 900 kilometers with the launch of Sputnik. And now not only have we explored all the planets, but we’ve gone beyond the boundary with the Galaxy and we’re now continuing into an area that is uncharted waters.” while his own personal trigger mentioned that his father was an immigrant to America and he used to come and go to Chios and he told me when he came the last time that he has a little money in the bank to go to America to study, even telling him that “America today is the Athens of antiquity. It is the source from which knowledge and Democracy exist.”

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