RUMOR: Bloodborne Movie Coming to PlayStation!


Apparently, the wishes of the community for Sony to release to Bloodborne of the PS4 “bundles” will probably come true, at least approximately. No, the company did not announce a remaster for PS5 or a port for PC. Instead, it looks like the beloved game from the super-talented Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware will be brought to the… big screen and it will be a movie!

You read well! In the last few hours, a rumor has been making the rounds of the internet from the well-known leaker Daniel Richtman, who countless times in the past has brought information about upcoming film productions to the public. In particular, through a post he made exclusively for Patreon subscribers, Richtman revealed the first details about the Bloodborne movie.

It is a production by Sony Pictures in collaboration with PlayStation. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, known for films such as GI Joe and Transformers, is serving as producer. At the same time, the script will be signed by Darren Lemke, known for Gemini Man (2019), Shazam! (2019) and Shrek Forever After (2010).

The description of the project posted by the leaker states:

Sony project based on the PlayStation game of the same name. Bloodborne follows the player character, a Hunter, through the decadent gothic city of Yharnam, inspired by the Victorian era. Its inhabitants, the so-called Yharnamites, have been infected with a blood-borne disease that transforms them into terrifying beasts. Trying to find the source of the plague, the player character unravels the mysteries of the city while fighting beasts and otherworldly beings.

Here is the relevant material:

For the record, we told you earlier this year that Gran Turismo and Uncharted are just the beginning of PlayStation’s plans for movie theaters. In particular, the company had stated in January that it has at least 10 more productions in the works.

Let us remind you that a television series is in the works for Horizon Zero Dawn that will be shown through the frequency of Netflix. At the same time, Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be able to enjoy a God of War series, while both The Last of Us and Twisted Metal will have become series.

Finally, PlayStation will bring Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, Jak and Daxter and other well-known IPs to cinemas.

Let’s hope, then, that the Bloodborne movie will finally be the occasion for a modern remaster or port, or possibly for a sequel.

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