Google Maps is changing

Google Maps is changing
Google Maps is changing

One of the most popular apps around the world is expected to undergo major upgrades using artificial intelligence.

By Yannis Skoufis

Google is using artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine the user experience with its maps, providing a new, improved pre-trip preview and improved routing for both electric and conventional cars.

At the same time, through AI improvements users will benefit even more as Google Maps will provide comprehensive location information and detailed destination preview.

Two of the most important features for routes are Immersive View and Lens.

Immersive View offers a 3D preview before the ride starts, providing turn-by-turn directions and a bird’s-eye view. Even the application can even simulate conditions such as traffic and meteorological phenomena for a more accurate picture of the trip.

This feature is based on Immersive View for Places, which uses AI to combine billions of Street View and aerial images to create photorealistic 3D representations of areas. This feature will initially be available in select cities.

For those who are interested in seeing in advance what is at their destination, the Lens function creates an augmented reality for them. Which is especially useful for navigating complex locations such as subway stations or discovering hidden locations. This feature will be available in more cities.

On the more practical side, Google is beefing up the regular routing feature with more detail, including more buildings to orient drivers and more detailed highway navigation information. It also updates the colors it uses to make it easier to read.

For electric car drivers, those with Google Maps built-in will get more detailed information about charging locations or the type of charger (fast or slow), as well as which charging sockets are likely to be down and which are on. good condition. These and many more will have the new Google Maps that have already started to be updated from country to country.


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