The interactive series Silent Hill: Ascension has begun


Just in time for Halloween, his return Silent Hill it is a fact, through a special interactive experience. It’s about the Silent Hill: Ascension which you can now download in the Google Play Store, the App Store or watch for free directly from your browser.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive streaming series that takes place simultaneously on a global level. Those who watch it will be able to help decide the fate of the main characters. This means that as the story progresses, the audience will have a say in who survives, who is redeemed or condemned by their actions, and who suffers the almost certainly horrific consequences. According to Genvid Entertainment, not even the developers themselves will know the outcome of the story until it develops.

Viewers/players can tune in at specific times and each day will be different based on their interactions. Genvid has created a real-time interactive system that will allow viewers from all over the world to decide the fate of these characters and upon which the whole venture rests. Finally, there will be “daily live story scenes”, while for those who have missed the events of a certain day, there will also be the possibility to see them later, on-demand.

Since the episodes will be broadcast live and obviously the times may be inconvenient for many, there will be a 24 hour window so that any players who are unable to tune in live will have enough time to watch the episode and make their their decisions.

It is worth noting that while watching and participating in the series is free, players can customize their appearance in live chat and on the leaderboards. Thus, there is a paid Season Pass that allows them to unlock over 100 rewards, from cosmetics, to the so-called “Influence Points” that give more weight to their decisions.

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