Italy: When Galis saw the fear in their eyes

Italy: When Galis saw the fear in their eyes
Italy: When Galis saw the fear in their eyes

On the second day of the 41st EuroBasket, the National team is tested tonight against the host Italy and Vassilis Skoundis looks back on our mess with them.

The calendar says how today is September 3, 2022… And indeed it is!

I daresay, however, that from a semiological point of view a heterochronism is indicated, not even imposed: let it be, he says, today the third of September 1843, as the song written by Manos Eleftheriou, set to music by Elias Andriopoulos and performed by the retired Antonis Kalogiannis and Alcestis Protopsalti…

I’ll see you again in the pits
three of September to pass
and tsikoudia in cafes
you treat the lads!

September 3, 1843 is a milestone in the history of the modern Greek nation: with the rebellion of that day, the then King Othon was forced to grant a Constitution and the Greek state went from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

Tonight (3/9), hell, against Italy (22:00, ERT1 and LIVE from SPORT24) we do not raise a state issue: a victory to reverse the curse of matches with the EuroBasket hosts and walk the path of virtue we are looking for…

And if we don’t have a tsikoudia handy, let’s drink, hell, an Italian grappa!

The 1987 Homer and Dante of 1991

In the meantime, 35 years and three months have already passed since (on the eve of the historic quarter-final of 10her June 1987 at SEF) Valerio Bianchini wished with a great deal of cleverness, “let Homer stay out of the stadium”…

Shut up but the so-called on the field, the National team defeated Italy and went through the entire army to the throne!

Four years later the Italians got their blood back…

They put Dante, who already writes in the “Divine Comedy” that “those who entered Hell, have abandoned all hope” (Sic) on the field and we became villagers from two villages!

I don’t know if Dino Meneghin, the totem of Greek basketball, will be in the stands of the Forum tonight…

“Dino, Dino, Cicciolino” (as the Martians chanted at the Palais de Sport, at the time) was not present at the so-called Kampouris match with Manifiko: in 1987 he was still active (as he retired in 1994, aged 43 years old), but had left the “Squadra Azzurra”, opening the field to the younger ones, who had already begun to starve!

Walter Manifico also belonged to this category, who was a point of reference in the Italian racket and even played a set with (his teammate at Scavolini Pesaro), Ario Costa…

Costa and Magnifico, like saying Tom and Jerry!

H… myth fight between Kampuris and Manifikos

I’m laughing now as I write this, but (that night of June 10th in the SEF ring) more than hand-to-hand combat, Kampuris and Manifiko were fighting with guns to their noses, which were the tanks of both, indeed, mercy muzzle, the nickname of the Italian center was “Swordsmen”!

They had “Sword” (just like our eloquent, Nikos Linardos) but we found the besieging ram in the face of “Tarandos”!

Produce of the night, it turned out that one had the name and another the grace…

Magnifico in Italian means magnificent, but that’s how the triumphant in this idiosyncratic myth battle turned out to be Kambouris, who even at the peak of his excellent appearance did a coast to coast and nailed the ball into the Italians’ basket!

Galis: “I saw the fear in their eyes”!

As for the Italian centre-back, he still remembers that night and (as he said in 2013 in an interview with Thanasis Asproulias) he fell into the trap of telepathy with Galis!

Entering the field I knew we were going to lose” confided Manifikos, while that very evening Galis said that big talk that “I was sure we would win because I entered the field for warm-up and saw the fear in their eyes»!

This was certainly the second most important speech of Galis in the EuroBasket of ’87: the best one was saved for the end of the same match, when, holding the… markotsi in my hands, I asked him in front of the ERT camera if this is the greatest night of his life…

“The greatest moment until the next game”

Then Galis looked up and with that heavy accent gave him the answer that was to become the motto and anthem of Greeks all over the land and not only of athletes…

The longest moment until the next game»!

By the way and regardless of the many subsequent great moments, that one was indeed very great, because the National Team (Galis 38, Giannakis 22, Kambouris 14, Fasoulas 9, Ioannou 4, Christodoulou 3) defeated Italy for the first time after 32 years and 14 defeats in a row, most of which were heavy and heavy!

As the late Philippas Syrigos said in the introduction of the telecast on ERT, “we have never beaten these blue jerseys until now»!

Good study and it has arrived!

The victory in Milan and the defeat at Koper

Now, 71 years after our first meeting (Greece-Italy 51-64 in the EuroBasket in Paris, in 1951) and seventy years since our first victory in Milan, the score in 62 games is 25-37.

Before tonight’s match, the two teams had last met on August 16, 2019 in the Acropolis Tournament (Greece-Italy 83-63), while nine years have already passed since the last official match, on September 8, 2013 in Koper , where in the context of EuroBasket the Italians prevailed with 81-72, absent the injured Vassilis Spanoulis (Zisis 16, Perperoglou 12, Bourousis 11, Papanikolaou 11-Belinelli 23, Datome 19, Gentile 16).

Italy (with two gold, four silver and four bronze medals in the history of the institution) experienced a… clamoroso elimination from EuroBasket 2009 and it has been 19 years since they last reached the podium.

And who pushed her there?

Our boss, fuck my ass!

The zone of Rekalkati all 13 missed shots

On September 11, 2003, at the “Globen” in Stockholm, after the Azzurri had come through the barrage with Germany (86-84), they found us in a weak moment and burdened us to the glory of our country!

This is literally true, as the EuroBasket quarter-final was decided in the details and in the final seconds (59-62) as the Greek team saw everything hampered by the “smart zone” played by (now sitting next to Gianmarco Pozzeco) Carlo Recalcati , the only scorer of which was Dimos Dikoudis (18p., 8r.), while Frangiskos Albertis and Nikos Hatzivrettas made a sum of zero on 13 shots!

With the score at 59-60, the Larissa forward, who is in Milan as the administrative manager of the National Team, dared to take the most critical shot of the night, a three-pointer at 8”, but then Nikos Zisis’ friend missed from their joint tenure at Benetton Treviso) Matteo Sorania with 2/2 shots sealed the… obituary!

By the way, in those days the legendary “Charlie” who returned to the action at the age of 77 and sits next to Gianmarco Pozzeco, trying to inspire his players had made a historic speech which is considered by the Italians as a monument of estrousment.

In the semi-final Spain got revenge from the Italians for their defeats in the EuroBasket finals of 1983 and 1999, while in the match for third place the silver medalists of the following year (Athens, 2004) prevailed over France and won the bronze medal , scoring an epic counter-attack after being crushed by the “tricolors” in the first phase, in Lulea, with 85-52!

The bruises in Limoges and the “why?” of Riva

The history of the fights between Greece and Italy is rich and sometimes it has been shocking or even unexpected.

We have and say, so…

On May 28, 1983 at the EuroBasket in Limoges, the future European champions beat us (108-83) and I daresay the bodies of the National Team players are still sore and bruised from the contact with the deadly elbows of Dino Meneghin and Renzo Vecchiato !

On July 8, 1988, at the Pre-Olympic Tournament in Rotterdam, the National Team, despite having already been eliminated, played their best and defeated the Italians 91-88 (Galis 34, Giannakis 24, Kambouris 10).

The defeat also cost them their own exclusion from the Seoul Olympic Games, with Antonello Riva hugging Panagiotis Giannakis at the end and asking him in bewilderment and confusion “perché Panosperché’?

A reason that didn’t have an answer…

Training with Petralia, the tabladura and davidov

On June 24, 1991, at the premiere of the EuroBasket at the PalaEur in Rome, we were caught by the balls!!!

At the end of the first half, the National team with a three-point score by (basic small forward, in the absence of Christodoulou and Galacteros) Dimitris Papadopoulos took a 45-31 lead, but then was undermined both by the whistles of the inexplicable Russian referee Mikhail Davidov and the Spanish Vitente Santsis, as well as from her incomplete preparation, which took place more in the office of the Minister of Culture Fanis Palli Petralia than on the field!

At that time, the new sports law was being passed and the basketball players, through the PSAK, demanded the satisfaction of their demands using the national team as a lever of pressure.

Popping and garlic

The absence of the internationals from training resulted in a lack of physical condition and strength, apart from bad psychology and the surrounding unpleasant atmosphere. Both in the premiere against Italy (where 45-31 with a partial score of 51-27 ended in 72-82, Galis 19, Giannakis 17, Paspadopoulos 14- Pittis 16, Riva 14, Gentile 14), and in the fateful match with Czechoslovakia (in which from +20 it was tied at 105-105 and lost in overtime with 123-113) he ran out of energy, he had no breaths and usually burst, finally taking fifth place.

Where we lost them in bulk in Rome, we also received sacks of charms and… charms. An Italian newspaper revealed that stadium officials were left speechless when they entered the locker room of the national team to clean up and found, among other things, a pile of garlic cloves!

They were apparently carried and placed there (for obvious reasons) by some member of the expedition who was under superstitious possession, but no one ever learned his identity, although there are reasonable suspicions as to the identity of the perpetrator!

The Rhapsodies of the “Dragon” and “Baby”

On the same day (June 24) 1993 in Karlsruhe we beat them 88-73, ahead of “Dragon” (27 points) who had Panagiotis Fasoulas (17 points) and Fanis Christodoulou 9(12), in a victory which opened the way for the national team to the four.

“Bebis” was also unstoppable on June 23, 1995 at OAKA, where (as part of the EuroBasket in Athens), the National team won 67-61 (Christodoulou 19, Giannakis 16, Fasoulas 12, Sigalas 10).

On the morning of the 29thher In July 1998, on the day of the Mundobasket jamball at OAKA, Fanis announced his final retirement and the next day Franciskos Albertis (his former Panathinaikos teammate) took over!

Albert’s masterpiece

“Fraggi” scored 19 points and assisted by Dimitris Papanikolaou (14) and Angelos Koronios (11) established the victory over Italy with 64-56.

The so-called got his gun back in the thriller 31her August 2001 in Antalya, where the Greek team threw in extremis on the canvas defending the scepters they had won in 1999 in Paris…

Three seconds before the word horn sounded and with the score at 80-82, Thodoris Papaloukas passed the ball to Albertis who with a beautiful corner 3, in front of the raised hands of Gregor Foutska scored for 83-82 and on the cap from the over-effort of the step back he fell on the billboards!

That night Efthymis Renzias had scored 22 points (Sigalas 16, Albertis 11-Foutska 21), while although he was offended by this three-pointer, the knight Bogdan Tanjevic characterized the shot as “a basketball masterpiece»!

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