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SPORT24’s help to Mike Brown and the Kings coach’s truth about Vezenkov

SPORT24’s help to Mike Brown and the Kings coach’s truth about Vezenkov
SPORT24’s help to Mike Brown and the Kings coach’s truth about Vezenkov

SPORT24 helped Mike Brown catch up with Alex Len, and in between, the Sacramento Kings coach talked to us about FIBA ​​Basketball, the baggage he lost, and Sasha Vezhenkov.

On the platforms of the Mediolanum Forum there were Greeks from the early afternoon of Friday (2/9). From every corner of Europe. From Germany, from France, from Switzerland. There were also Croatians, after all the journey to Milan is not long for them.

And somewhere there, among them all, there was a special figure, right behind Sasha Volkov who broke down in tears at the rejection of his country’s national anthem. A tall man watching the group premiere between Ukraine and Great Britain. It was Mike Brown, the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

The 52-year-old coach, who has won four NBA championships as an assistant, wanted to watch Alex Len, the Ukrainian center for the Kings. It’s just that Brown was on the field without accreditation, so he couldn’t find a way to approach his player and greet him. We met him in the stands and when he explained his distress, we simply asked him to follow us.

A volunteer from Greece was willing to help and after first explaining to her who the big man was, we asked her to go into the Ukraine locker room to tell Len that his coach was waiting for him a few meters away. And he did. And he brought Len to Brown!

Both happy to see each other, Len whose coach traveled to meet him for a few minutes, Brown who had a beautiful experience in Milan and previously visited Armani training with James Borrego and Gregg Popovich.

Alex Len and Mike Brown met at the press conference of the Milan Forum

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At halftime, Mike Brown was in the mood to talk basketball with us. And for basketball at this level, which is different from what he is used to, although he is a coach who puts more emphasis on defense.

I like FIBA ​​basketball. The game is too physical compared to the NBA. It’s a completely different sport, but I really enjoy the toughness of FIBA ​​basketball. I’m crazy about the intensity in defense, you never lose your composure here. You always play hard. Coaches create incredible situations and there is always something to learn” the coach of the Sacramento Kings told us, before speaking with the best words about his athlete.

I came to see Alex Len, I came in the morning. I want to see all my players, because I didn’t see them during the summer. I’m here to support him and tomorrow I’m going to Cologne to see Domas Sabonis. I only came to see Alex Len and I’m leaving, that’s how important he is to me and our team. Sorry I lost my luggage and have to go back to the airport to collect it tonight before I leave tomorrow morning at 07:00Brown told us.

We asked him if he gets nervous when he sees his players competing in matches with such intensity and toughness. He admitted that: “We always worry about our players, but the right to represent their country, you can’t take that away from them. The Europeans are passionate and always ask us to play with their national teams“.

Of course we couldn’t avoid a comment about the Kings’ contacts with Sasha Vezhenkov in the previous months: “Our GM, Monty McNair, had been talking to him and his agent for quite some time. We wanted to take him, but he had many obligations, he had to play with the national team of his country. The situation is specific, we got his rights and of course we look forward to having him with us at some point in the future“.

In closing, we asked Mike Brown if Vezhenkov is a SF or a PF by NBA standards: “I’ve seen Sasha on video and it’s hard to tell if he’s a small forward or a power forward. In my eyes he is a power forward, basketball, especially in the NBA, is now positionless, there are no positions in the attack and there he will have no problem. The question is which players he can mark, there is no other debate“.

The article is in Greek

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