Vangelis Marinakis “welcomed” Marcelo

Vangelis Marinakis “welcomed” Marcelo
Vangelis Marinakis “welcomed” Marcelo
The transfer “bomb” triggered by Olympic on Friday night, shortly before announcing his European list for the Europa League matches, he caused a global sensation.

THE Marcelo Vieira da Silva Jr decided to wear the “red and white”, with the Brazilian international former defender Real Madrid to sign a 1+1 year contract with the Greek champions and the owner of PAE, Vangelis Marinakis, to complete a transfer similar in size to that of 2004, when Sokratis Kokkalis had brought Rivaldo to Olympiakos.

In fact, with a republishing of the announcement of Marcelo’s transfer to Olympiakos, Vangelis Marinakis “welcomed” the Brazilian star to his team.

In particular, the powerful man of PAE published the post with which Piraeus welcomes the reigning European and Spanish champion footballer to the Port.

See the post of Vangelis Marinakis

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