Gustous Italy, Jokic, the guns Markkanen-Avdija and the coldness of the Czechs

Gustous Italy, Jokic, the guns Markkanen-Avdija and the coldness of the Czechs
Gustous Italy, Jokic, the guns Markkanen-Avdija and the coldness of the Czechs

Yiannis Fileris writes the review of the second matchday (except for the National team match) having a weakness in Fontekios’ Italy, he asks how much basketball Jokic knows and remembers Vassilis Georgiou for Markkanen-Avdiya. Ingram basket, Pettway basket…

Shall I tell my sin? Throw it. Italy in basketball who had no problem against the weak Estonia, is one of my weaknesses. Ok you don’t care I know but I persist. They are a good team, they play at home and they want the proper attention that Dimitris Itoudis and his colleagues will surely give them on Saturday.

I like it because it has sons Tonut and Magion, to remember the old days, it plays nice, modern basketball, it definitely lacks a tall one, but it also has a class with players like veteran Lutizi Datome and Niccolo Meli.

They may not be favorites for the gold medal, but they will make life difficult for all opponents and in Milan they are playing at home. They have the madness of Gianmarco Ponceco, who once tore his jacket out of his nerves (as a player he was even more of a moron) and of course, like Italians, they sing their national anthem beautifully (Pantelis Diamantopoulos insists that there is no comparison with the original Squadra Azzoura, of football that is)

Above all, however, they have a formidable talent, Simone Fontecchio, who is poised to conquer the NBA. At 26 years old, he scores in every way. He shoots for threes, for twos, he drives, he’s a rebounder, he’s got fun and he makes great plays like this

How much basketball does Jokic know?

If Serbs and Dutch played football, there would be a rivalry. But in basketball, how can the “heavenly” prices be spewed? It is not a tournament … windows, to find Serbia with a composition of need. In Eurobasket, the crafty Pesic (last European champion for the neighbors, in 2001 in Istanbul) has brought down a team with absences, but capable of gold.

In a nutshell, Serbia threw a tantrum, Micic distributed … 12 assists (and scored 15 points), Marinkovic had 18, Nedovic also played, who finally traveled to Prague and seeing this phase that Nikola Jokic is doing (19p- 6p, 4a) tell me how many pounds of basketball this person knows

Avdija’s basket, Markkanen’s basket (… or let Israel-Finland have a second extension)

Sometime watching it Israel-Finland, I am confused. On the one hand Denny Avdija, on the other Lauri Markkanen, we had been transported to some NBA stadium, where usually the two heroes shoot unabashedly with smoked barrels. If you don’t like the NBA, it was like hearing in my ears the legendary voice of Vassilis Georgiou from a historic Apollo Patras (Achaia Klaus)-Hercules derby: “Ingram’s basket, Pet(i)way’s basket”. This is how the recital of two of the top scorers who ever played in Greek stadiums has remained in the pantheon of broadcasters.

Markkanen and Avdija drove people crazy. They were dribbling, making 3-pointers, getting rebounds, cutting their opponents. In general, they cut and sewed, so the official account of FIBA ​​was probably right that they wanted a little more, after the end of the match and the important victory of Israel.

To never end? Something like that. Markkanen (32p-12p) was throwing rockets from the start of the match when the Finns looked even better. According to Israel’s coach Guy Gudes (he got a little fat, or is it just me?) the plan was simple: “Anyway, we’re talking about a superstar who averaged 19p with the Bulls and 15 with Cleveland. We all know its quality. No matter what you do, he’s hard to stop. For us it was more important to limit the others, especially Salin and Koponen, even if Markkanen scored 20 and 30 points.”

However, it was impossible for the Israeli defense to mark him. The Finn was not being played. See:

The Finns went up by three with 22 minutes to go after Markkanen’s basket, but Israel’s Denny (the Terrible) was waiting in the corner. Not exactly a corner, but from the top, bang, three-pointer and a tie to send the match to overtime.

He will come out victorious in the end with 23 points, 15 points, 3 assists and 2 cuts. A joy for a 21-year-old, who embodies Israel’s dreams of a distinction in this Eurobasket. Finland coach Lassi Tuovi congratulated him but did not forget Tamir Blatt, who finished the match with 10 assists. Well done to David’s brother, too.

Where you Ponitka and where it slaughters you

In Prague, however, the 11,000 Czechs went for wool and left with a mouthful of hair. Mateus Ponitka and Slaughter scored 46 points, h Poland almost reached the end and he had no problem spoiling the home team’s celebration, which some expected and some saw unfolding on the pitch.

It was not easy for the Czechs to first avoid the stress of the premiere but also to play, essentially without Satoransky, who entered the court, but is by no means ready to play at full speed. Just that he was made available to coach Ronen Ginsburg is a miracle. The Czech coach admitted that “this was not the start we wanted, we let our people down, but we will bounce back. This morning we decided that Satoransky should start the match, but not stay in the match for more than 15-20 minutes. That’s why I didn’t put him at the end match. He needs rest.”

Poland came in from the start determined to spoil the Czechs’ party. Slaughter, who missed several preseason games, was the alter ego of the formidable Ponitka, who finished the game with 26 points and 9 assists. The Poland captain was everywhere. Even when the Czechs got close to the three points, he didn’t let the match go into the home team’s hands. Triponto and cheers, what are you doing, well thank you.

What about Marcel’s strange brother, who shouted that Mateusz excluded him from the Polish National Team, while both he and their (at least) diabolical parents, because they didn’t like the good Ponitka’s wife, made life hell for the couple who had fall in love since 19. See what you learn by reading the Eurobasket daily review. So what do you want now? Forty-five degrees, corner threes and deflections. Please now…

War and Peace (and Basketball)

Back in Milan, Ukraine got off to a winning start in EuroBasket. Should basketball be a ray of peace, while back home the war rages? Isn’t it easy to ignore what’s going on in Ukraine and keep your mind on basketball?

Artem Pustovoi, who of course lives in Spain, explains:It’s not easy. Only my people are in my mind. I talk to them every day, but sometimes they don’t have internet and I lose contact, however, after a day or two we talk again and I calm down when they tell me that everyone is fine. It’s all very hard, because you don’t know what will happen in the next hour, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. There is danger; Large. But they don’t want to leave their house, my grandmother is also there, who can’t leave anyway.”

The 30-year-old center (ex-Barcelona) scored 8 points in the match where NBAers from Ukraine, Mikhalyuk and Len had 17 and 13 points respectively. The British were fighting, fighting, but … crap. Speaking of which, whatever the Ukrainians did, it came out on the floor and especially high in the basket

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