Croatia 5-5: Draw for the National Team, qualified as second

Croatia 5-5: Draw for the National Team, qualified as second
Croatia 5-5: Draw for the National Team, qualified as second

The National Polo team put in an excellent performance against the hosts Croatia, however a 5-5 draw gave the Croatians first place.

Ultimately, the draw against France cost Greece dearly. The National team put in a tremendous performance but failed to get the victory against the Croatians with 5-5 sealing the efforts of both teams.

After this result, the National Team took the second place in the second group of the European championship and thus will face Israel in a knockout match and if they win, they will play with the world champion Spain in the quarter finals.

The match: The match started with the defenses of both teams dominating. Especially that of the blue-and-white was seminal, keeping the Croatians without a goal. On the other side, Genidounias and Vlachopoulos defeated Bigiats with a shot from the perimeter to make it 2-0 in the first period.

The defenses of both teams continued to be excellent as a result of which the second period ended without a goal being scored. The Croatians had to pass to score 17.32 in the match and to play with two more players in the same phase.

In the very next phase, Vrlic scored with a nice turn to tie the match. Our national team responded immediately with Papanastasiou scoring in the above. Kharkov responded in the same way for the 3-3. This was also the score of the third period since Vlachopoulos’ goal in the final did not count for a reason that only the two referees can explain to us.

In the fourth eight minutes, the two teams scored two goals, both had their chance to win, but the final 5-5 left the Croatians more satisfied, who sealed the first place and probably their presence in the semi-finals.

Greece – Croatia 5-5

The eight minutes: 2-0, 0-0, 1-3, 2-2

Hellas: Tjortzatos, Genidounias 1, Skoubakis, Giuvetsis, Argyropoulos, Papanastasiou 2, Dervisis, Alafragkis, Kopeliadis, Kakaris, Nikolaidis, Vlachopoulos 1, Limarakis

Croatian: Bijac, Buric 1, Fatovic, Krapic, Bukic, Biljaka, Zuvela 1, Marinic 1, Vrlic 1, Basic, Kharkiv 1, Popandic.

The results of the competition

  • France – Malta 15-8
  • Greece – Croatia 5-5


  1. Croatia 7
  2. Greece 5
  3. France 4
  4. Malta 0

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