AEK: The three changes that Almeida is preparing for PAS Ioannina

AEK: The three changes that Almeida is preparing for PAS Ioannina
AEK: The three changes that Almeida is preparing for PAS Ioannina

AEK enters the final stretch for the game against PAS Ioannina in Rizoupoli, with the return to three-pointers being imperative and Matias Almeida looking to make three changes to the starting line-up.

The incident with Volos is now a thing of the past and the AEK is imposed in Sunday’s match with PAS Ioannina in Rizoupoli to return to three points, seeing what went wrong in last week’s match so as not to… step on it again. What Union will need is more substantial attacking development and better finishing of phases, which cost them dearly last Saturday night.

THE Matias Almeida along with them collaborators after all, they worked on the part of offensive development and finishing during the week, which was also seen in Wednesday’s open training in Spata with specific exercises. And the Black and Yellow will have to find a way to break down tight defenses that they will face in several games during the season.

According to what he had shown in the midweek open training and based on what he is working on, Almeida looks like he will move on to three changes in the original shape against PAS Ioannina in relation to the eleven with which he started against Volos, with the philosophy of pressure in every part of the field of course remaining. After all, it is something that is a trademark of the Argentinian coach.

The one change will probably be the Mukudi as a left stopper in place of Hadjisafi, which will mark the Cameroonian defender’s debut for the Union. The other is expected to be his choice Gacinovic in the original figure on the right instead of Amrabad and the third will be his placement Levi Garcia instead of Mandalus in the attack. Eliason is also in the squad, who has arrived ready, but is most likely to be used during the match.

If Almeida goes ahead with the changes he showed he was working on during the week, then Stankovic will be in goal, the back three of Mukudi, Tzavellas and Vida from left to right, Zuber on the left side, Gacinovic on the right, Simanski, Jonsson and Pineda the three axis and Levi Garcia with Araújo the attacking duo.

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