‘My name is Tyler, not Steph, I just felt really good today’

‘My name is Tyler, not Steph, I just felt really good today’
‘My name is Tyler, not Steph, I just felt really good today’

Tyler Dorsey had an amazing performance against Croatia in the EuroBasket 2002 opener and with 27 points he helped the National team to victory. However, he insisted on teamwork and commitment to the next match.

The 27 points scored by Tyler Dorsey against Croatia set an individual record for the National Team. The Greek expatriate guard was amazing in the EuroBasket 2002 premiere and along with Giannis Antetokounmpo were the standouts in the premiere on Italian soil.

Dorsey, however, did not want to take credit, he emphasized that it is a team effort, while he also answered the question about whether he could be compared to Steph Curry. At the same time, he also mentioned Giannis Antetokounmpo and the similarity of his tapa to the one he had done on Ayton in the NBA Finals in 2021.

“We have another tough game tomorrow and we have to prepare for it, stay healthy. Nobody is used to playing games like this every day. I love playing with Giannis, he offers so much. I just try to be ready to take the shot , it creates a lot of opportunities for me, I can’t complain.

We learn from every match. We never give up whether we have a lead or not. Every match is different and we have to take each match individually.”

On the Steph Curry comparison and his terrible looks: “My name is Tyler, not Steph but he’s an amazing shooter and I learn by watching him. I get a little bit of everything but Steph is amazing. Today I just felt really good, it was one of those nights. I hope I can do it tomorrow too this”.

For Giannis’ cap and the comparison with the NBA Finals: “That makes him one of the top players in the world. He can play perfectly on both sides of the pitch. We feel good as a team and we hope to keep building. We shouldn’t relax and underestimate any team.”

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