Israel – Finland 89-87: Avdiya beats Markkanen in Eurobasket 2022 matchup

Israel – Finland 89-87: Avdiya beats Markkanen in Eurobasket 2022 matchup
Israel – Finland 89-87: Avdiya beats Markkanen in Eurobasket 2022 matchup

Israel showed character and took the match against Finland in overtime 89-87. Avdija and Markkanen gave the crowd an incredible performance in the two teams’ first game in the group.

In a match-thriller, the Israel managed to prevail with her Finland in overtime with 89-87. His titan battle stole the show Avdiya with Markkanen. The leader of Israelis had 23 points with 15 rebounds, making the big shots in overtime, while the star of Finns he finished the game with 33 points and 12 rebounds, but they weren’t enough for his team.

This way Israel went 1-0, dropping them Finns at 0-1. For the winners, apart from it AbdiyaGinat had 13 points, while the Levi and Pnini they counted 10 points each. On the losing side, except him Markkanen13 had o Madsen of AEK and 11 added o Matsuni.

The losers shot an impressive 19/20 on shots, while his total Goudes had just 9 errors in a match that needed overtime to decide the winner. Yes, the Markkanen finished the game with 14/15 shots.

The match

Markkanen caused a lot of problems for Israel’s defense from the start of the match, giving the Finns a six-point lead for 11-17 with two minutes left in the quarter. Israel fought to stay close in the match, but the period ended at 16-27,

The Israelis gathered the difference in the second quarter and Pnini made it 28-33 with a three-pointer at 17′. Koponen responded for 34-40, but Markkanen’s company with 6 straight points went into halftime with the score at 40-40. Markkanen had 17 points on 10/11 shooting. At halftime the Finns had 10/11 shooting, while Israel shot 6/16 from three.

Levi gave Israel a five-point lead making it 53-48 in the 25th minute, with Matsuni shaping the result of the quarter (61-58). Madsen of AEK took action and with an impressive alley oop made it 64-70, 5:41 before the end of the match. Menko reduced to a basket (71-72), three minutes to the end, while Avd’iya put his team ahead after an hour. Markkanen’s basket made it 76-79, a minute before the end of the match, but Avdiya responded. Israel stole the ball, but Meckel missed an easy layup and the game went into overtime.

In the extra five minutes, Menko drained it for a three from the corner in the 42′, but Markkanen tied it for 84-84 in the 44′. Avdiya made it 86-84, with Markkanen missing at 15 seconds. Meckel with 2/2 shots wrote 88-84. Abdiya went to the shots at 11 seconds and locked up the victory for Israel.

The ten minutes: 16-27, 40-40, 61-58, 79-79, 89-87(par.)

WON WHY: Israel made just 9 mistakes to the Finns’ 18, while they made better decisions in overtime.

The MVP: Avdiyya played like a leader against the Finns and finished the match with 23 points and 15 rebounds, collecting 31 points in the evaluation.

THE UNSUNG HERO: Ginahe helped a lot with 13 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

WEAK LINK: Salin failed to provide solutions in Finland, after counting 6 points on 1/6 three-pointers.

THE STATISTICS OF THE MATCH: The 19/20 shots of the Finns, which was not enough to give them the victory.

THE GAZZETTA COMMENT: Israel managed to get a great win, which paves the way for them to qualify for the next stage, while Finland, who started the match as favourites, got into adventures.

The group

Israel 1-0

Finland 0-1

Serbia 0-0

Poland 0-0

Czech Republic 0-0

Netherlands 0-0


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