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The 22 Greeks of the Super League who continue this year in Europe

The 22 Greeks of the Super League who continue this year in Europe
The 22 Greeks of the Super League who continue this year in Europe

The transfer period has ended in most European leagues and 22 Greek footballers who belonged to Super League teams will continue, in any form, throughout the “Old Continent”.

The Greek women footballers in recent years have “conquered” it Europe and constantly more and more people not only play outside the borders but also star. This “translates” into titles and it is no coincidence that last season was perhaps the best of our “legionaries”.

Based on the above, it seems normal that from outside the borders they are constantly turning to our domestic market for support and the numbers are revealing, given that yesterday (31/8) and today (1/9) the transfer period “closed” in most championships of the “Old Continent”. If we do the sum… we will see that 21 of our children belonged to her groups Super League (regardless of whether they played or not last year since some were on loan again or this year) they went abroad, as free agents, on loan (with option or not) or even by getting a transfer and basically a whole football department… went astray, after a team maintains an average of about 25 active players. Let’s see them…

We start from Germanywhere in recent years we have been “exporting” very good defenders there (e.g. Dino Mavropanos, Vassilis Lambropoulos, Costas Stafyllidis) and our… streak continues with Manolis Saliakaswho is not a stopper but a full-back signed to Zenkt Paulicoming off an excellent season with PAS Ioannina. The attacker is now also in this country Leonidas Minauntil his former teammate at “Ajax of Epirus” who was loaned, with an option to buy, to Werder Bremen (originally joined U21).

THE Theocharis Tsingaras on his part he became a resident of Franceas the young midfielder was loaned out by PAOK in Toulouse, while the second also retains its purchase option. Thus, the 22-year-old midfielder will wear a jersey other than Thessaloniki for the first time in his career.

Inhabitant Spain in… than one became o Christos Albanis, since the 28-year-old winger who won the Cyprus championship last year with Apollon Limassol continues on loan from AEK in Andorra of Gerard Pique, which participates in the Segunda Division. Yes, last year he did not play in the Super League, but he did this year (e.g. he played with Enos against Volos) and of course he is considered as a “Super League” who continues abroad.

To her “neighbor”. Portugal Greek football experienced the epic of 2004 and many of our footballers had and are having great careers there (eg Odysseas Vlachodimos). In their footsteps is now also walking Sotiris Alexandropouloswho at the age of 21 was transferred from Panathinaikos at Sporting Lisbon and started to… write the new “chapter” in his career.

In Turkey now what to talk about… Tasos Bakasetas-Manolis Siopis led Trabzonspor to the title, players like Dimitris Goutas, Dimitris Kolovetsios, Stelios Kitsiu, Dimitris Pelkas (now at Hull) leave their mark and understandably from that country they are constantly turning to ours for reinforcement. THE Tasos Chatzigiovannis after too many years in Panathinaikos continues to Ankaragiuchouthe Sivasspor got him Hari Harisi transcribed by Fearlesswhile o Dimitris Manos who was in Ari signed to Bandirmaspor. That’s all so far, since the market there “closes” on the 8th of the month.

In Netherlands where the Greek “parochia” has been prosperous for years now (Vangelis Pavlidis, Pantelis Hatzidiakos and the very unfortunate Dimitris Limnios had an excellent season last year) many of our children got on the plane and… landed in that “reality”. THE Vassilis Sourlis by Olympic continues on loan to Fortuna Citarnt and already the 19-year-old midfielder debuted in the Eredivisie.

THE Lazaros Lambrou for his part he returned to the country where he previously played for Twente, Fortuna and signed on a transfer from PAOK in Excelsiorwhile somewhere around there will also be competing Christos Yousis after the 22-year-old winger left the AEK and signed to Telstar. As well as Apostolos Vellios which from Ghoul continues to Tsvole and even started the season impressively (2 goals/3 assists in his first 4 games there).

Finally, Greece is well represented in Polandwhere now in the Ekstraklasa we also see him Svarna Army since it continues as a loan from AEK at Rakov which at the same time retains an option to acquire it. In fact, the 24-year-old stopper (teammate of Yiannis Papanikolaou) started the season by winning the Super Cup.

In Cyprus now on to the derby ConcordApollo Limassol two former “red and white” players will compete, since in the first one is now played by Fotis Kitsos to the champion o Dimitris Pinakasas both youngsters were loaned out by Olympic in the clubs of the island. On Venus Island we also find him Nico Melissathe 29-year-old goalkeeper who comes from a very good two years at Panetolico.

We continue with her Austria where we sent “cannons”, after the country teams moved and got some of our “9s”. THE Lyncher spent about a million for his sake Efthymi Koulouri and took him from him Fearless (already opened an account), while Wolfsberger found in his face Nikos Vergos her “chosen one” for her strike line.

Greek football players leave their mark everywhere and the Moldova is no exception, if we remember her last year’s deeds Sheriff in the Champions League with Giorgos Athanasiadis and Dimitris Kolovos in its composition. Reasonably from Tiraspol they turned again to the local market and o Phoebus Botos went on loan (with option) from AEK. He even scored once for himself.

And because whatever stone you pick up you will find a compatriot of ours, from Slovakia they have often taken players from our places. Also, let’s not forget that Kyriakos Savvidis won the Cup last year with Spartak Trnava. Now his parts will be played by Antonis Gaitannidissince the 22-year-old winger who was in PAOK signed to Tatran Presov.

After a “break” back in Greece and the Fearless The Kyriakos Papadopoulos left again for abroad and the 30-year-old central defender who finished the season in Peristeri continues in Craiova her Romaniawhile o Yannis Christopoulos he also made… a trip abroad. More specifically, the young stopper will now compete in Slaven Belupo her Croatiain the form of borrowing from Astera Tripoli.

Manolis Saliakas (25 years old, defender, from PAS Ioannina to Zenkt Pauli)
Leonidas Mina (18 years old, striker, from PAS Ioannina to Werder Bremen)

Christos Albanis (28 years old, attacking midfielder, from AEK to Andorra)

Haris Tsingaras (22 years old, midfielder, from PAOK to Toulouse)

Sotiris Alexandropoulos (21 years old, midfielder, from Panathinaikos to Sporting Lisbon)

Tasos Hatzigiovanis (25 years old, attacking midfielder, from Panathinaikos to Ankaragiutsou)
Haris Harisis (27 years old, midfielder, from Atromitos to Sivasspor)
Dimitris Manos (28 years old, striker, from Ari to Bandirmaspor)

Stratos Svarnas (24 years old, defender, from AEK to Rakov)

Vassilis Sourlis (19 years old, midfielder, from Olympiakos to Fortuna Sittard)
Lazaros Lambrou (24-year-old midfielder, from PAOK to Excelsior)
Christos Yousis (22 years old, attacking midfielder, from AEK to Telstar)
Apostolos Vellios (30 years old, striker, from Lamia in Tsvole)

Efthymis Koulouris (26 years old, forward, from Atromitos to LASK)
Nikos Vergos (26 years old, striker, from Panaitolikos to Wolfsberger)

Fotis Kitsos (19 years old, defender, from Olympiakos to Omonia)
Dimitris Pinakas (20 years old, striker, from Olympiakos to Apollon Limassol)
Nikos Melissas (29 years old, goalkeeper, from Panaitoliko to Nea Salamina)

Yiannis Christopoulos (19 years old, defender, from Astera Tripoli to Slaven Beloupo)

Phoebus Botos (22 years old, attacking midfielder, from AEK to Serif Tiraspol)

Kyriakos Papadopoulos (30 years old, defender, from Atromitos in Craiova)

Antonis Gaitanidis (22 years old, attacking midfielder, from PAOK to Tatran Presov)

However, the above number may increase, since worldwide and not only in Europe there are still markets that remain open and the eyes of many are on Hellas.


Mexico 5/9
Belgium 6/9
Bulgaria 6/9
Slovakia 6/9
Turkey 8/9
Australia 13/9
Serbia 15/9
Qatar 15/9
Saudi Arabia 9/17
Israel 9/28

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