The owner of a major Greek team talks about… a teammate

The owner of a major Greek team talks about… a teammate
The owner of a major Greek team talks about… a teammate

Two months of negotiations with the ambitious and strong “candidate”! A big revelation on by Evangelos Michos that will cause… a bang in Greek football.

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The double-checked information does indeed point to…bob! Of course, it is enough that the deal is completed, although the negotiation that takes place, in itself, is in general a very strong development, and in particular, in terms of communication, “the first issue”.

And because of the size and because of the people involved and because of the…surprise when the “job” is made public normally with…names, addresses, details. Because now there are several reasons that only allow…photo of the news, people and groups!

Let me clarify here, due to the… era, that the bomb is not transferable. Nor does it concern any movement, coach/executives, etc., etc… It has to do with ownership and investments/investors!

Let’s go, then, to the subpoena: the owner of a large Greek team, from the so-called Bigforates, for almost two months has been in serious discussion (with the…classification “top secret”) to put a specific…teammate (giving him a strong percentage in PAE and not only there), which also has edges in the field of expatriation!!! As I write this to you…

The biggest surprise, however, has to do with the prospective investor/teammate of the owner of the said Bigforatis PAE. And this since it is about a person who is the owner of another Greek PAE, small and medium, also a Superleague!!! The “candidate” is “strong” and ambitious…

Of course, such a deal is not easy but… complex, it needs time and… confidentiality. Just to add that in the mediation – the one who brought them closer – is a successful and well-known lawyer, a friend of both sides.

This for now, in a highly intriguing case, with persons/protagonists… beyond suspicion. And don’t get me wrong, nothing is over yet…

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