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Formula 1: Alonso apologizes to Hamilton

Formula 1: Alonso apologizes to Hamilton
Formula 1: Alonso apologizes to Hamilton

The Spanish Alpine driver took back the qualifications he made at Spa for the 7-time Mercedes world champion.

Its echo Belgian Grand Prix included them Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso except the winner Max Verstappen, which started 14th. The cause was the conflict between the two drivers and their statements, with the British not wanting to speak to the Spaniard, after his “explosion” on the radio. Many may have described the attitude of the 2-time world champion as offensive, but her driver Mercedes-AMG he saw the whole situation humorously and “trolled” Alonso.

Formula 1 visits Zandvoort this three day for the Dutch Grand Prix, with Alonso to be asked about whether he regretted the words he said about him Hamilton and stated: “The issue has grown. First of all Lewis is a champion, he is a legend of our time and when you say something about a British driver then the media involvement is huge. But, yes, I want to apologize. I feel… I don’t think about what I said. There was no guilt at the time, to be honest, watching the replays of the incident. At that moment where the blood “boils” and on the adrenaline of the moment, fighting for the first three positions made me say things I shouldn’t have said. But as I said after the match, it was a competitive event.”

In addition, the Spaniard emphasized that he will speak with him himself Hamilton to apologize to him personally: “No, we haven’t talked yet. When we do the TV interviews I will approach him and say sorry if he misunderstood what I said. I have no problem with him and I have huge respect for Lewis.”

By the way, Alonso finally got the signed cap that Hamilton sent him.

Photos: Alpine, Mercedes-AMG

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