The truth about Koulouris schools

The truth about Koulouris schools
The truth about Koulouris schools

With an announcement targeting her PAOK PAOKAetos Skydras is asking the “black and white” to pay stipends for Efthimis Koulouris from the transfer of the Greek footballer to the French Toulouse.

The Pella team believes that they should receive from Dikefalos the amount of 157,550 euros, out of the 3.5 million collected by PAOK for the transfer of the footballer to France.

“In the year 2009, the then minor football player (age 13) Efthimios Koulouris was transferred from our club to PAEK PAOK. Regarding this transfer, it was agreed, among other things, that in the event that the footballer becomes a professional at PAEK PAOK and is transferred from it to another team, our association will receive a percentage of the transfer fee, proportional to the amount of money” notes the statement of the team of Skydra, who adds that the “black and white” for three years have not proceeded to pay the higher amount.

But what really applies to the case of the schools of Efthimis Koulouris?

PAOK PAOK people report that there have already been two trials for this specific issue, one in a sports court and the other in a criminal one, and in none of them was the side of Aetos Skydra vindicated.

Of course, now that the matter will come to the courtrooms again, the Skydra club, which until now has been inactive, is trying to create impressions against PAOK and its executives and bring the issue back to the news with the aim of reaping money for which already two times has received a resounding negative response from sports and criminal justice.

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