PAOK – Zakaria Labiad: 10-year-old who will stir up Toumba… – – Sports News | News

PAOK – Zakaria Labiad: 10-year-old who will stir up Toumba… – – Sports News | News
PAOK – Zakaria Labiad: 10-year-old who will stir up Toumba… – – Sports News | News

“Versatile and free, he also plays 8, winger and centre-forward”! In Dikefalo they are looking for the player that Lucescu has requested and who will… raise their level creatively and on their list there is an exceptional case. Good age, no team and heavy resume.

PAOK – Zakaria Labiad: New name in the Dikefalos report that seems to concern the Thessalonians to strengthen the position 10, as the Moroccan international ace has the gall to lift Toumba on the leg.

With a stint at top clubs in the Netherlands, such as Eindhoven, Ajax but also Fitzgerald and Utrecht, as well as Sporting Lisbon and Fulham, the 29-year-old ace is without a team and is looking for where to continue his career.

At the same time that Dikefalos has Paolo Fernandes, from Volos, on his list, sportdog contacted the journalist Sotiris Michos, who knows Dutch football very well, in order to find out as much information as possible about Labiad!

“Versatile and free – 10-man, 8-man, winger and center forward – Quality for PAOK”

He is a product of Eindhoven’s academy, Moroccan, has also played for small teams in Holland, is versatile, uses both feet and is now free“, the good fellow first stated, and then added: “He plays 10, 8, winger and centre-forward. Ajax bought him 4 years ago, but he never managed to establish himself there. Especially now, he lacks game pace.”

PAOK are looking for a player in the 10 position – Can he cope with claims there?

“Of course he can, but last year in the whole season he only had 2 appearances and those as a substitute. He doesn’t have any pace at all. But he has quality. Also, the fact that there is El Kaduri in the team, who is also Moroccan, can work positively to adapt immediately”.

“With Zivkovic, Tomas, Dadas and Kanduri – Fantasy player – Verticals and finishing phases”

In which XI would Dikephalos fit?

“To begin with, when he was a kid he was considered one of the biggest talents in Dutch football, and that can’t be a coincidence. He’s short, he would fit in with Zivkovic and Tomas. PAOK is going for a short formation anyway, in general, as well as Dandas also has a low center of gravity.”

Can he coexist with Dandas in the 11?

“Dandas is a pure 8-man, regardless of whether Lucesso puts him 10-man, while Labiad is a 10-man, he is more creative, he will pass the ball vertically, he will finish phases, he is a more fantasy player. And with Nandas a little further back he would fit, but also with Kanduri who is also a polytheist”.

“His name was heard – Paolo Fernandez is a very good case – Labiad is better”

How do you feel about him in general?

“He is an international, he is known because his name was heard in previous years, as last year he had several appearances, he had goals. But last year he was also out due to an injury and then he did not get games on his feet.”

Finally, tell me, in relation to Paolo Fernandez who is the other one who is heard for the 10th position in PAOK, who do you consider to be a better choice?

“Fernandes is quality, he has strong characteristics with good dribbling, shooting, a very good case from the Super League, that is. But he lags behind in quality as a player compared to Labiad”.

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