Hezonia to friends of Panathinaikos: “The best decision of my life! – I miss you” (vid)

The coach Konstantinos Panas comments on the building of Panathinaikos for this summer and evaluates the off-season for the “greens”.

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A special summer for Panathinaikosas he was accompanied on his return Dimitris Giannakopoulou in active action. Of course, everyone expected much bigger names than what finally came, however the important thing is that after two years of absence the Panathinaikos he was able to look into the eyes of players like o You’re in a basket or o Mario Hezonia.

Of course, it is very difficult overnight for the “greens” to sign players from the top shelf, but only the transfer Marius Grigonis showed a right path followed by Panathinaikos the summer. Let’s see what the “greens” have achieved and how they have fared in their design so far.

The coach

The most important transcription for “Clover» was of course the Deyan Radonic. Experienced coach Euroleague, but mainly with a signature game that characterizes his teams. Defense, defense, defense, surprise and defense again! THE Montenegro he is the sure solution and the man who can either completely ditch this team, or push it to its limits and beyond. There is no middle ground.

Point Guards

The most important part for him Panathinaikos was to find a playmaker, i.e. his main flaw for two years now that he has been struggling without a main ace. It started with one of the league’s top perimeter defenders, Paris Li. THE American he is not the one who will push the “green” offensively, but will orchestrate them and play in the “red” defensively.

On the other hand, Mr Nate Walters he is the calm force that will take more initiative offensively and chase the big shots. Defensively consistent, creatively good and offensively he does the basics to a very good degree, having great reads. The third playmaker is considered to be Kalaitzakis or o Bohorideswith the latter having shown a very good face with her National in preparation.

The “greens” tried to take it Nick Basketsbut the expatriate guard preferred her Fenerbahcein a move that would clearly change his level.

Shooting Guards

Here the “greens” made the big step up, signing two great players who complement each other. THE Grigonis he is one of the most complete guards/forwards in the league with the long shot as his main weapon. In terms of creating his own shot which was largely given by Nedovicthe “greens” have him Andrews For this reason. Of course, Mr American is also an excellent shooter, but has all those elements that are missing from the Lithuanian. One-on-one gameplay and explosiveness! The common point of reference? The perimeter shot expected to be killer at this position. Of course, in higher shapes there is also o George Kalaitzakis.

Small Forwards

Here is the biggest question mark. Which players can worthily replace him Ioannis Papapetrou; Certainly not o Grigonis. THE Lithuanian he can compete in the “3” as well, but he certainly can’t defend well enough in that position and will miss a lot offensively as well. Here the “greens” rely more on Kalaitzakides and Manjuka. The two brothers can deservedly claim time in both “3” and “2”, with George to play more with the ball in the hands and the Panagiotis to play without her.

Power Forwards

Another position that seems to have a gap, as o Williams has as its sole partner the Nico Hoogaz. THE Greek forward we don’t know what condition he will be in, while o American comes from a mediocre year at Final Aviv. If, however, he reaches the standards he had a few years ago, then the “greens” will have caught the good one!


Like the ‘1’ and ‘2’ slots, the ‘5’ slot looks just as full as them George Papagianni and Arthur Gudaitis. THE Lithuanian came to complement one of the league’s leading talls, but the truth is that no one knows how the own. THE Gudaitis had a mediocre year last year with injuries, put on weight and it remains to be seen what he will do next to Greek super star.

The big gaps

Certainly the biggest problem at the moment appears in positions “3” and “4”. On the one hand there is no experience in position “3” and on the other hand o Grigonis it will be “trenched” there. The ‘4’ position does not have a consistent threat from the perimeter and will largely depend on the situation the Williams.

The racket problem

Another piece that looks like it might play a role is the vertical threat and attacking from the low post. The “greens” have neither the first to a large extent, but neither the second and will depend a lot in their game on the peripheral threat. The more accurate they are from three-point range, the better they’ll feel.

Defense is key

His “greens”. Radonic will be a team that will rely heavily on defensive pressure and protecting their racket – Paint is your home. A team that will score in bursts in the open field after a steal or tap, that is, after every stop.

Andrews the X Factor

A player who might make the difference at many points in the season can be seen American, Andrew Andrews. The most important thing is that he can organize and execute and can play both guard positions in a playmaker, but also with Grigonis. THE Andrews he is the one who has more one-on-ones than the rest, while he is a catalyst on screens away from the ball. Of course with him Paris Li they can make a killer duo when it comes to ball pressure. Small size, but big energy!


Without the design complete, anything we say can be wrong. What is certain is that the Radonic he wants a team that chews irons in defense, rushes to surprise at every opportunity and of course improves the readings, as it bets a lot on mismatches and touching the ball in the post, making a play from there.

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