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The sale of Mancini, the stay of Matteo and the transfer of Palma

The sale of Mancini, the stay of Matteo and the transfer of Palma
The sale of Mancini, the stay of Matteo and the transfer of Palma

The sale of Daniel Mancini to Omonia Nicosia is a matter of hours and, within the day, it is expected to be fully completed, as PAE Aris will, unexpectedly, accept the offer of the Cypriots.

The Argentinian’s looming departure will bring some changes on the left of attack, however a move to sign another player in his place is not a foregone conclusion.

With the current data, the “yellow and black” have there, Garcia, Gervinho and now (more actively) Palma.

The first, no matter how many times he was asked the question of a loan or leaving in general, he was categorically negative, but it means that Mateo does not… shake it from Charilaou and they will wish Aris to show more respect, maybe he plays based on potential, whatever they are.

Garcia nullified any discussion/proposal made to him, so that his compatriot finally left.

Let’s not forget, however, the initial utilization plan of Garcia, it said that this year he will compete as an 8 and not in the “wings”. Now, it is not certain that this will happen, although there is – theoretically – the possibility in question, since the roster has two more of his colleagues on the left.

Two-seat Gervinho and Palma

As for Gervinho, he was acquired with the logic of playing either on the left or near the forward, however the presence of Mancini (would) bring him more next to or behind Gray. Now, the Ivorian is expected to play mainly on the wing, as long as the Thessalonians remain loyal to the 4-2-3-1, which is also logical, because of Manus Garthia.

Of course, there is also Luis Palma. The Honduran midfielder is expected to play further out, i.e. closer to the wing and not so much behind the advanced striker. Yes, he is not the classic winger, but the “yellow and black” want to take advantage of some of his quality characteristics, when he decides to converge towards the “middle”, such as his sou, which has improved noticeably since the preparation and after and, as he himself showed against the matches with Gomel.

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