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Thirty years Football Manager Well. Happy birthday to him, may he be well, may he “burn” us. On the occasion of our favorite game’s birthday, however, we thought we’d do something… upside down! As well-known, upside-down people.

Within these three decades, at FM they have appeared hundreds, maybe thousands of playerswhich was something between Maradona, Pele, Cruyff and Beckenbauerbut in real life, either they passed and didn’t land, or it wasn’t all that terrible and awesome after all.

Which players, though, were really good at the game, but even better in real football?

There are – and yet – quite a few, but we singled out five:
Erling Haaland – FM18
Today it is one of the biggest names worldwide. Five years ago, however, in 2017, Mr Erling Haaland it was still quite far from becoming the phenomenon it is now. Apparently it was considered whiz kid and then. When, for example, Manchester United scouts saw him succeed at the age of 17 and under his Ole Gunnar Solskjaer four goals in a Bran-Molde 0-4. In the FM18, however, it was not at the same level as … City! Not even. He was good and, above all, cheap for the managers of teams that are usually somewhere in the middle of the table in Germany, France, Italy and England, but that’s about it. In the same year, in real life, Haaland was transferred to Salzburg. And made Europe to so to speakwhile you were trying to understand why he didn’t get a hat-trick every Sunday in the game!

Sergio Ramos – FM06

In 2005, Mr Sergio Ramos got the transcript of dreams from Sevilla to Real Madrid. He was seen as an investment for the future, but he immediately took the first team shirt home, retiring it after 16 years. Basically, 15, because in his last year in the Spanish capital and before moving to Paris, he didn’t play much. In the FM06, from the best editions of the past decade (after all, how old are we?), was indeed a player with good potential and a solid choice for any Real manager, since in the game he “wanted” to continue his career in ” queen”. In no case, however, was he becoming one one of the best center backs of all time, as it happened in real life! I mean, you didn’t say in 2006, playing, that this guy will actually put his name next to the biggest legends of Real, Raul and Alfredo de Stefano for example. Well, take it.

Fernando Torres – CM01/02
Let’s get fat on it now. We travel back in time – but not in space – and back to the good old days Championship Manager. The CM01/02 is one of the most beloved football games of all time and one of its favorite “sons” is none other than Fernando Torres. At Atlético Madrid, of course, back then, still playing in the Segunda Division, he had great potential, but nothing terrible and awesome. You took him in a save for a supplement, even in teams, in fact, like Atlético, who were claiming promotion, since they had dozens of the best strikers in the historic game. Who would have thought and believed him that this guy would turn into absolute killerwhich became in his real career – better even than the pardoned Maxim Chigalko

Luka Modric – FM07
THE Luka Modric he was still playing for Dinamo Zagreb when it was released FM07 and unlike the other four on this list, it was one true… miracle in the game! Already a regular in the Croatian national team, he had plenty of exposure internationally and his quality was evident. All this… it flared up with his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the 2007–08 season. Although, however, he was among FM07’s greatest talents, being a very good creative midfielder, excellent for any team’s rotation, and indeed developing into one of the best players, in real life, the… beast, which this inconceivable player brought out of him in the “spurs”, had nothing to do with the Modric of the game! What can we say. Who would have thought in 2006-07 that Luka Modric would become one of the greatest midfielders of all time!

Football Manager: Five goals that were even better

Robert Lewandowski – FM09

Here it is, perhaps, about the major foul of his scouting department Football Manager. Words have run out for Robert Lewandowski. He has broken almost all the records, which in Germany were considered simple forever. He manages to break quite a few now in Spain as well, since even though he’s getting older, he continues to defy time and keep getting better! When he was very young, however, he was not world class. In the FM09in Lech Poznan still, Lewandowski was a quality investment of a lower class for the managers and you could later sell him, making some profit, but he certainly wasn’t the type of player, that you expected in the next few years to become… Lewandowski ! I found an old post on social media with one guy writing: “I have taken him to Southampton, he has played 29 games and scored 4 goals. Why is it so bad?». Come, my Lady…

Football Manager: Five goals that were even better

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