The CAS vindicated PAE Aris in the Durmisai case!

The CAS vindicated PAE Aris in the Durmisai case!
The CAS vindicated PAE Aris in the Durmisai case!

After almost 18 months, the CAS ruled on the Durmisai case and its decision constitutes a great vindication for PAE Aris as it does not recognize any responsibility and therefore the transfer ban decision is annulled!

Undoubtedly, this is a great vindication for PAE Aris, which for more than two years lived with the doubt and the risk of activating the transfer ban decision imposed on it by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the case of Fiorin Durmisai. We remind you that PAE Aris was held responsible for the use of the footballer, while there was a transfer ban in January 2020. At that time, the Thessalonians had nothing more than to follow the path shown to them by the EPO which had proceeded to issue his card football player and had actually allowed its use.

Aris used Fiorin Durmisai in a few matches until the end of the season for the complaint to FIFA to follow. The latter’s Disciplinary Committee proceeded to punish PAE Aris with a one-year transfer ban imposed in May 2020, upsetting the team’s game plan. The “yellows” appealed to the CAS to overturn the decision of the first instance body of FIFA, thus maintaining the right of transfers due to pending litigation, and their appeal was heard in February 2021.

There followed a period of (almost) 18 months with successive postponements in the issuance of the decision of the Sports Court of Lausanne to reach today (1/9) which can be described as historic since the CAS completely rejected the decision of its Disciplinary Body FIFA did not recognize the slightest responsibility in PAE Aris and even decided a) that PAE Aris has the right to carry out transfers with the simultaneous cancellation of the ban and b) PAE Aris will have to return all the money (bills, performance expenses, etc.) that he spent during this time!

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