Aris – Julio Velasquez: A coach from… cradle is brought by… – – Sports News | News

Aris – Julio Velasquez: A coach from… cradle is brought by… – – Sports News | News
Aris – Julio Velasquez: A coach from… cradle is brought by… – – Sports News | News

He was the youngest coach in Segunda’s history coaching Villarreal. He went straight into the depths of football theory

There was an upheaval in Aris regarding the coach. Although there was a verbal agreement with Raul Kaneda, the case collapsed and now the group from Thessaloniki is chasing another case from the Iberian peninsula. The reason for Julio Velasquez.

He was born in Salamanca, the capital of the region of the same name, in western Spain, in the autonomous community of Castile, next to the Torner River. Perhaps the fact that his hometown is one of the largest university campuses in the country influenced the course of the 40-year-old coach.

Why, Velázquez did not start a traditional course in football becoming. He was never a football player, not even as an amateur. He went straight into the depths of football theory and coaching.

He started his coaching career at 15. He had youth groups under his direction in Salamanca. His first job as head coach was in 2004 at Peña Respuela, in the local league. He made his debut in the national categories in the 2010-2011 season, as the coach of Polideportivo Ejido, in the second division.

Youngest in the history of Segunda

He was the youngest coach in Segunda’s history coaching Villarreal B at the age of 30 and two months in the 2011-2012 season, while he has coached four other clubs in this category. In June 2012, despite Villarreal B’s relegation, he was promoted to coach of the first team, from which he was sacked in January 2013, after the draw (1-1) with Almeria.

In the second division, Velasquez linked up with Real Murcia (2013-2014) with whom he finished in fourth place and led the team to the promotion playoffs. At Real Betis he was sacked after five months and was then unemployed until December 2015, when he found accommodation in Portugal.

Passage through Portugal and Italy

Velázquez spent some years of his coaching career in the first division of the other Iberian country, as coach of Belenenses (2015-2016), Vitoria Setúbal and Maritimo (2021). He returned home in October 2016, signing for Alcorcon, which he kept above the relegation zone. In fact, he managed to stay there for two seasons for 82 matches, almost double what he had at Real Murcia. But he had a short stint in the Italian Serie A, on the bench of Udinese (2018), from which he got the dismissal card, having only two wins in the league (in 13 matches).

In November 2019 came the second repatriation. He sat on the Vitoria Setúbal bench until July 2020, when his contract was terminated by mutual consent. The reason; The start of the league, after the first lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, found the team, three points above the relegation zone, without having won any of the five games it had played.

In March 2021 Martimo had already changed coach twice and was fighting for its survival. Velázquez made it third in a row with a 2–1 away derby win against Madeira on his debut. Although the team was saved in November, it found itself in penultimate place after 11 games and thus withdrew. In April 2022, he again found a team in La Liga, specifically in Alaves, which (like Madeira) had changed two coaches in a row. It didn’t end there since the team failed to save itself and Velázquez… said goodbye.

So Velasquez is a new promising coach. However, the resume shows that he has not coached teams that compete for high places and exit to Europe. He could also be described as a “gyrologist”, although the nature of modern football is such that he should normally soften somewhat the terminology arising from such situations, which we encounter all the time. Aris, who has leveled up in organization and planning, who wants to upgrade with the construction of a new stadium, will definitely have to reconsider the options he has, to take steps forward and not backward. If the 40-year-old Velasquez takes over, Aris will become his tenth team.

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