The tests at the ends, Zuber and the shot with Mukudi on the left in the trio of stoppers

The tests at the ends, Zuber and the shot with Mukudi on the left in the trio of stoppers
The tests at the ends, Zuber and the shot with Mukudi on the left in the trio of stoppers

SPORT24 was at today’s (31/08) open training session of AEK, in which Matias Almeida shuffled the deck, gradually putting Harold Mukudi and Niklas Eliasson in the equation. The tests at the ends, the plan with the Cameroonian stopper and the movement of Zuber to the axis and the change in the attack with Levi Garcia instead of Mandalo

AEK continued its preparation for the game against PAS Ioannina for the third matchday of the Super League, with a training session open to the press at Serafeidio and SPORT24 was there.

Matias Almeida had all his footballers available except for Theodosis Machira and Alexander Franson who did an individual program. The Swedish midfielder had a knock on his achilles but it is nothing serious as he is expected to start tomorrow. Of course, Galanopoulos was left out, as were all the footballers counted by Sokratis Ofrydopoulos for the friendly of the second team with Agia Paraskevi this afternoon.

Of course, the interest from today’s (31/08) training was focused on how Matias Almeida will “fit” in his plans Arold Mukudi and Niklas Eliasson, i.e. the two most “new” footballers of the yellow and black roster. In fact, the former was tested with the “basics” in the double-header, so it is possible that the Argentinian coach will give him a basic jersey against PAS Ioannina.

The test with Zuber on the axis at the end of the phases and Eliasson on the right

The first exercise that Almeida “revealed” some things was with the endings of the phases. The first five who “faced” Cican Stankovic were Gacinovic, Mohammadi, Tzumber, Araujo and Albanis. The latter two were at the top of the attack, Zuber was in the axis, with Gacinovic on the right and Mohammadi on the left.

The second group that had to defeat Giorgos Athanasiadis, consisted of Amrabat, Jonson, Pineda, Eliasson, Mandalo and Levi Garcia. The latter two played at the top of the attack, Jonsson and Pineda on the axis, Amrabat on the right and Eliasson on the left. The only difference compared to the first group was that there was one more player on the axis.

At the same time in the other goal, the rest of the players were also working on finishing the phases, with an emphasis on one-on-one and not the exchange of the ball. Of course, the choice of Zuber on the axis and Eliasson on the left caused interest. Both played in positions they know, but in the early games the Union showed more pain on the right wing than on the left, with Zuber on Almeida playing on a permanent basis on the left.

Mukudi is a left stopper in the family doubleheader

After the exercises at the end of the phases, a family double-header followed in a small space (ten against ten). Stankovic remained in the “basic” line-up under the posts, the trio in defense consisted of Vida on the right, Xavella in the center and Mukudi on the left. In the midfield, Szymanski and Pineda were retained.

Gacinovic was placed on the right wing, Zuber on the left and Araujo and Levi Garcia at the top of the attack. In relation to the first game, Hadjisafi, Amrabad and Mandalos were left out. It should be noted that in terms of “substitutes”, Eliasson played on the right wing and Amrabat on top.

The rest of the substitutes’ eleven consisted of: Athanasiadis under the posts, a trio in defense with Hadjisafi, Mitoglou and Rota. Mandalos and Jonson played in the axis, Mohammadi on the left and Albanis on Amrabad’s side. That is, in relation to the phase endings, Zuber returned to the left, Eliason was tested to the right, and Amrabat moved to the top.

After the end of the training, Matias Almeida had a short dialogue with the reporters and expressed his desire to hold open training sessions and press conferences once a week.

See his VIDEOS SPORT24 from today’s “yellow and black” training session:

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