Almeida’s thought with the greatest interest in Spata and… Tzumber’s surprise (VIDEO)

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This morning the AEK training session in Spata was open to the media.

Rare for the Union, since it was the first time something like this happened after many, many years. So there was the opportunity (after the preparation in Alkmaar, where the for 18 days) to see the thoughts and work of Matias Almeidas and his team with the “yellow and black”.

Earlier we listed you at and what we saw from Niklas Eliasson, the test against PAS Ioannina with Mukudi as the main player, but also the extra work of Jens Jonsson after the end of training.

However, Matias Almeida’s most interesting thought was an… exercise. AEK’s Argentinian coach placed Steven Zuber on the axis, Mijat Gacinovic on the right, Milan Mohammadi on the left and Sergio Araujo with Christos Albanis at the top of the attack. There the ball started from Zuber’s feet, went to one end, patiently returned to the axis, where with a combined play and Zuber’s vertical one of the two strikers came out “eye” with the goalkeeper for finishing.

In the second group that worked on this exercise, Amrabat was on the right, Eliasson on the left (left-footed gar…), Jonson and Pineda in the center and Mandalos with Garcia in the attack. The same players then did an exercise, with crosses from the wings.

If we “isolate” the thought with Zuber central and Gacinovic on the right and Eliasson on the left, where they had great ease in successful crosses inside the area, there is an arrangement with “fresh” faces who can bring the ball into the area with greater efficiency. And the Swiss in the verticals has the quality to support it, but Gacinovic-Eliason also “sweetly” bring the ball into the area, as they showed today. And it is possible that at some point we will see this thought of Almeida on the… grass, in the official games of AEK.

Watch VIDEO of with today’s exercises in Spata:

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