Where will Greece reach in the best Eurobasket of all time?

Where will Greece reach in the best Eurobasket of all time?
Where will Greece reach in the best Eurobasket of all time?


31.08.2022 | 12:31 p.m


Scenarios, predictions, estimates and intrigues. Pick ‘n’ Popa enters the atmosphere of the 41st EuroBasket.

“The lies are over.” “The greatest hour is now.” “When the going gets tough…”. Put as many clichés as you want, the bottom line is that we arrived just 24 hours before the 41st EuroBasket which starts on Thursday 1/9 in Prague, Tbilisi, Cologne and Milan (where our National Team plays) to finish on 18/9 in Berlin.

The National team goes with ambitions, problems and down-to-earth style, hoping that 2022 will be a comeback year. Pick ‘n’ Popa can’t wait and gets you in the mood…


  • What is the goal of the national team? (03:37)
  • After all, how important are the first two matches? (11:22)
  • The temptation to avoid Slovenia, France, Lithuania is great. Worth it; (16:05)
  • If they become who, the national team will go high (22:16)
  • Antetokounmpo Effect: 70,000 tickets, hot summer at OAKA (32:40)
  • Which team in the tournament would we pay League Pass for? (35:33)
  • Which teams can pleasantly surprise us? (40:34)
  • Luca’s Law and the Great – Literally – France (41:56)
  • Players to Watch (46:33)
  • How good is Lithuania? (49:16)
  • Who is the best and most influential coach? (51:54)
  • The mighty Serbia and the key player in Pesic’s plan (53:21)
  • Italy with a recipe by Fabio Cannavaro (57:10)
  • For which group do we smell failure? (1:00:07)
  • Of the great powers, which one “suits” us best? (1:02:00)
  • Tournament Winner and MVP Prediction (1:03:25)

Stay hopeful!

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