With Antetokounmpo as leader for the 6th medal, Greece

It starts on Thursday the 41st Eurobasket in which the Hellas projected as one of the favorites to win a medal.

This year’s event will start on September 1st and end on September 18th. It will be held in four countries which are Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Georgia.

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The cities where we will see matches are Milan, Prague, Tbilisi, Cologne and Berlin (knockout games)!

Greece is in Group D along with Italy, Estonia, Croatia, Great Britain and Ukraine. From each group that has six teams in the knockouts, the first four continue. The premiere of our team will take place on 2/9 at 18:00 against Croatia.

The intersections are as follows: B2-A3, A1-B4, B1-A4, A2-B3, C1-D4, D2-C3, C2-D3, D1-C4. In the 4th group (Prague/Czech Republic) with which the group of the Greek team intersects are Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Serbia and Poland.

The final and mini-final will be held on September 18 in Berlin.

For the 6th medal

Greece has 5 medals in the event with the last one in 2009 which was bronze. In 1987 in Athens and in 2005 in Belgrade she won the gold having on her bench of Kostas Politis and the Panagiotis Giannakis respectively.

Giannis at Eurobasket 2015

The European champions of 2005 throw Panagiotis Giannakis into the air


Days of magic in 1987 in Athens


With Galis, Giannakis… European Champions in 1987 at SEF

In 1949 in Cairo came the first medal (bronze) while in 1989 in Zagreb Greece played in the final and was defeated by the former united Yugoslavia.

So in Berlin she will claim her 6th medal with the bookies giving her 3rd favorite behind France and Slovenia. First in medals is the Soviet Union with 21, followed by Yugoslavia with 17.

Greece is in 6th place with 5 medals. In the last Eurobasket (2017) the winner was Slovenia. Only one Greek has been voted MVP and he is Nikos Galis in 1987.

John’s Greece

The NBA champion John Antetokounmpo will participate for the 2nd time in Eurobasket. The first was in 2015 with Greece finishing in 5th place. Giannis last played in a major event at the 2019 World Basketball Championship with Greece finishing 11th.

This year he has shown that he is the great leader of this team and is surrounded by great players.

THE Dimitris Itoudismaking his EuroBasket debut, has taken 14 players to Milan and will choose the final 12 before the first game.


The Greek national team in the recent match against Belgium in the OAKA

The players who traveled to Italy are: Nick Kalathis, Kostas Papanikolaou, Kostas Sloukas, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Giannoulis Larentzakis, Ioannis Papapetrou, George Papagiannis, Dimitris Agravanis, Leonidas Kaselakis, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Lefteris Bohorides, Msealis Lountzoris, Tyler .

Greece has three NBA players in its composition, which are Giannis and Thanasis (Bucks), Dorsey (Dallas), while Luka Doncic (Dallas), Nikola Jokic (Nuggets), Bojan Bogdanovic (Jazz) stand out from the other teams. , Saric (Sans).

France has four NBAers who are: Rudy Gobert (Timberwolves), Theo Malendon (Thunder), Evan Fournier (Knicks), Timote Luau-Cambarro (Knicks)

Eurobasket will be covered by ERT channels.

Eurobasket 2022 groups in detail

1st group (Tbilisi)


2nd Group (Cologne)

Germany (co-organizer)

3rd Group (Milan)

Italy (co-organizer)

4th Group (Prague)

Czech Republic (co-organizer)

The program in detail

September 1

14:30 Spain – Bulgaria

15:30 Bosnia – Hungary

17:15 Turkey – Montenegro

18:15 Slovenia – Lithuania

20:00 Belgium – Georgia

21:30 France – Germany

September 2

15:00 Israel – Finland

15:15 Ukraine – Great Britain

18:00 Croatia – Greece

18:30 Poland – Czech Republic

22:00 Italy – Estonia

22:00 Serbia – Netherlands

September 3

14:30 Montenegro – Belgium

15:00 Finland – Poland

15:15 Great Britain – Croatia

15:30 Germany – Bosnia

17:15 Bulgaria – Turkey

18:00 Estonia – Ukraine

18:30 Czech Republic – Serbia

18:45 Lithuania – France

20:00 Georgia – Spain

21:30 Hungary – Slovenia

22:00 Greece – Italy

22:00 Netherlands – Israel

September 4

14:30 Bulgaria – Montenegro

15:30 Lithuania – Germany

17:15 Spain – Belgium

18:45 Slovenia – Bosnia

20:00 Turkey – Georgia

21:30 France – Hungary

September 5

15:00 Poland – Israel

15:15 Croatia – Estonia

18:00 Great Britain – Greece

18:30 Czech Republic – Netherlands

22:00 Ukraine – Italy

22:00 Serbia – Finland

September 6

14:30 Belgium – Turkey

15:00 Netherlands – Poland

15:15 Estonia – Great Britain

15:30 Bosnia – France

17:15 Montenegro – Spain

18:00 Greece – Ukraine

18:15 Hungary – Lithuania

18:30 Finland – Czech Republic

20:00 Georgia – Bulgaria

21:30 Germany – Slovenia

22:00 Italy – Croatia

22:00 Israel – Serbia

September 7

14:30 Turkey – Spain

15:30 Lithuania – Bosnia

17:15 Bulgaria – Belgium

18:15 France – Slovenia

20:00 Georgia – Montenegro

21:30 Hungary – Germany

September 8

15:00 Finland – Netherlands

15:15 Croatia – Ukraine

18:00 Estonia – Greece

18:30 Czech Republic – Israel

22:00 Great Britain – Italy

22:00 Serbia – Poland

September 9: rest day

Round of 16
September 10: 4 matches
September 11: 4 matches
September 12: rest day

September 13: 2 matches
September 14: 2 matches
September 15: rest day

September 16: 2 matches
September 17: rest day

Msmall and Grand Final
September 18: At 18:15 the match for the bronze and at 21:30 for the gold

News today:

Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘Hero’ to foreign leaders and international community, pariah in Russia

Fourthiotis: On the bench for the “fixed” bullets in his house – All the Will

Weather: Local strong showers from noon and in Attica, see meteo maps


Giannis at Eurobasket 2015


The European champions of 2005 throw Panagiotis Giannakis into the air


Days of magic in 1987 in Athens


With Galis, Giannakis… European Champions in 1987 at SEF

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